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LED Display Solutions

Creating a myriad of Possibilities

Let’s create something new. 
Supplying a wide range of LED display solutions, ROE Visual offers almost limitless freedom to create visual solutions for any location or setting. ROE Visual LED panels create the possibility to create any signage or display solution, whether a small or large display is required. All of stunning quality and with a flawless canvas.

Why is LED a good solution?

LED displays have evolved to become a feasible modern-day solution for your display and communication demands. Due to the flexible configuration of the LED panels, you can easily adapt the size and shape to the available display space. Each display with a bezel free, flawless canvas. The option to create full size banners or screens will add great visual impact to your space, while the fact that the screen can adapt to the environmental circumstances, using automated brightness control, will make your message stand out in the best quality – always.

Let us help you find the right product

ROE Visual fixed install Brochure


Introducing ROE Visual’s up-to-date LED indoor product - Jet, designed for semi-permanent entertainment indoor applications, can greatly improve efficiency and utilization with an optimized structure and outstanding performance.

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Introducing Coral, an exceptional LED panel platform designed for permanent installations. With remarkable visual performance, Coral’s Chip on Board technology delivers high contrast, wide color gamut, and exceptional color accuracy, providing an unparalleled high-definition viewing experience. Its energy-efficient common cathode design saves costs and extends the panel’s service life, making it a sustainable choice.

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What inspires you? 
As a designer, the freedom to create without restrictions is paramount. Likewise, as an AV integrator, flexibility and adaptable platforms are essential. ROE Visual was therefore inspired to create the Opal LED platform for permanent installation, enabling exceptional designs without the need of customization. Opal delivers a stunning visual display that feeds the desire to create, facilitating imaginative and extraordinary designs.

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Amber LED by ROE Visual


The Amber LED platform by ROE Visual offers sophisticated fine pitch LED display for environments where excellent visuals count. Amber is a 600x337.5mm LED platform, deliverable in 4 inter-changeable pixel pitches. The Amber Led display supports HDR technology, resulting in an excellent graphic quality with added greyscales and superb color depth. Using the Amber display platform, flexibility and incomparable visual quality go hand-in-hand. Based on a native 4K 16:9 panel resolution this screen is ready for future requirements.

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Jasper LED by ROE Visual


The ideal choice for high-end indoor LED displays

System integration requires products that combine high-end performance with flexible installation properties. The Jasper LED display offers uncomplicated installation and flexible design that go hand-in hand with high-end performance and unequalled visual qualities. Jasper is a 500x500mm indoor display platform with pixel pitches available in:  2.6, 3.9 and 5.2mm.  The slim-line panel design, ability for HDR mode and high-contrast black face LED create a modern display that offers uncompromised picture performance and optimal installation benefits.

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Black Marble LED by ROE Visual

Black Marble

Taking immersive experiences one step further, Black Marble BM4 LED panels are designed to offer a stylish solution for LED floors and integrated walls. The stylish glossy panel with a deep black finish allows for high-end use with a chic and classy appearance and creates a high-tech design look and feel.

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Excellent visuals

All ROE Visual LED panels are capable to display visuals in either 10-bit or 12-bit HDR. By selecting the premium LED batches from carefully selected suppliers, ROE Visual is able to reach more than 90% of the color gamut on a rec2020 target. 

Case Studies

Amber LED panel

Studio 45 -Immersive Studio

Studio 45 is a Hong Kong based post-production studio, which offers a full-equipped workspace enabling its customers to execute audio visual projects and events. Designed as a home away from home, Studio 45 is exclusively available for artists and producers. The studio is a dream for audio/video mixing as well as programing and preparing A/V shows and VR and virtual events. Studio 45 selected the ROE Visual Amber LED platform for this workspace, based on the excellent visual quality of the platform and its outstanding characteristics.

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Moncler - Collection Launch

The Moncler Genius brand collection Fragment by Hiroshi Fujiwara, was showcased in an urban railway tunnel in the heart of Milan, featuring the fashionable Black Marble LED panels from ROE Visual in a central role, creating a breathtaking and immersive environment.


Dave Bateman

“Conducting the factory acceptance test (FAT) for Amber screen was a real pleasure. Since the requirements were challenging due to extreme sonic vibrations, the angled side-wings and gaps for the audio systems, it was a good thing to do. The manufacturing, FAT and installation were all performed on a highly professional level. Meeting our expectations and standards ROE Visual was able to provide the perfect solution. The result is a spectacular screen, installed at the studio”.



Dave Bateman Bateman Consulting Ltd.

More about LED for Fixed Installations

ROE Visual Showcases State-of-the-Art LED Solutions at ISE

ROE Visual is set to make waves at ISE with the launch of its latest LED innovation, Coral, and an impressive showcase of LED solutions tailored for the AV integration and live events market. Discover how ROE Visual can help you to deliver stunning visual experiences.

Marketing+Technologies Group installs Jasper LED wall

Marketing+Technologies Group, the UK-based innovative digital marketing group, has installed the Jasper LED wall in their fresh studio build. Midland Road Studios is home to broadcast studios designed with content creation in mind for live, virtual, and hybrid events.

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