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Welcome to the ROE Visual Showroom

We welcome you to visit one of our showrooms to enjoy coffee with us, explore new ideas and have a look at the the broad array of LED panels available. Contact one of our offices to plan a meeting and get a full demonstration of what is possible with the ROE Visual LED screens.

Virtual Production Showroom

Keeping pace with developments for virtual production, ROE Visual EU has invested in the build of a complete virtual production studio. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, this studio doubles as testing space, R&D, and both online as well as live demonstrations.

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Fixed installation showroom

ROE Visual has designed a range of products specially adapted for use in permanent installations. Based on the same philosophy; adaptable products that offer excellent visual quality and that are easy to install, maintain and use.

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Immerse yourself

Immerse yourself in LED technology. A wide range of LED panels can now be viewed and tested in ROE Visual’s new and impressive showroom. ROE Visual Europe has recently finalized a complete refurbishment of its showroom in Leek the Netherlands, showcasing its LED products in an intimate setting.

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the ROE Visual Europe showroom.

Seeing is believing

The combination of the Black Marble BM4 LED floor and the various wall displays create a truly immersive experience for visitors, creating a good opportunity to make introductions and share ideas. ROE Visual takes pride in the active involvement of its clients, partners and friends, and the great support and feedback they provide. Make an appointment and let ROE help you find the best LED solution for your next project.

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Interact with the picture to see the products available in
the ROE Visual US showroom.

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