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LED screens for Touring and Festivals

Create the Ultimate Experience

Reliability is key for any event – the show must go on, no matter what. That's why ROE Visual products are designed to be of the highest quality, ensuring they are reliable, quick to build, and easy to service. From outdoor festivals to indoor concerts, ROE Visual provides the perfect solutions to maximize the visual impact for your audience. Explore our Vanish ST and Black Quartz series to elevate your event to the next level.

Outdoor Use of LED screens whitepaper

Building outdoor LED screens can be a challenge. There are many extra factors to take into account in comparison to an indoor LED screen. Read the ROE Visual whitepaper and learn more about the Outdoor Use of LED screens.

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Made for Outdoor Use

Unleash Your Creativity with ROE Visual

With ROE Visual's range of robust LED products, your creative possibilities are endless. Our Vanish ST and Black Quartz series are ideal for outdoor use, enduring demanding conditions while delivering stunning visuals. Technicians praise our panels for their quick and flawless assembly, making setup efficient and hassle-free.

Whether you’re creating LED walls, floors, or stages, ROE Visual ensures your message is visualized brilliantly, capturing your audience's attention and making your event unforgettable. Let ROE Visual spike your creativity and bring your vision to life.

Let us help you find the right product

Black Quartz

Black Quartz Series

The Black Quartz offers a full-fledged LED screen appliance, combining a small pitch LED panel with an integrated wind-bracing system, the perfect solution for your next tour or outdoor event. The BQ panels are avaialble in a BQ3, BQ4 and BQ6 version.

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Carbon Series

Incorporating carbon fiber technology, the Carbon family of LED panels provide an optimal lightweight outdoor LED touring solution. The Carbon series can be combined with the T4 or Air frames for outdoor use.

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Vanish ST

Vanish ST

The Vanish ST(Vanish Solid Touring) Series is designed to provide exceptional value for your touring, festival and outdoor live events needs. Its innovative engineering and high efficiency make it an ideal and dependable choice for event organizers, AV rental companies, and production professionals who seek a high-quality LED panel with a great return on investment.

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Vanish V8T

With a transparency of 50%, the Vanish V8T panel offers outstanding performance in outdoor environments through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles.


Seeing is believing. That’s why the ROE Visual teams are always ready to perform a demo. With a large in-house showroom and several LED solutions on display, special set-ups can be built on request, to demonstrate our capabilities and product quality.

Steven Embregts

The panels and the frames have a perfect fit. Building a large LED wall with ROE Visual products is amazingly fast and easy.

Steven Embregts Technical manager, Faber Audiovisuals

More about LED for Touring and Festivals

VIGSØ Enhances Rental Portfolio with Topaz and Vanish ST

Denmark-based rental company VIGSØ had made a significant investment in ROE Visual's cutting-edge LED technology. This strategic move marks VIGSØ's commitment to elevating its rental offerings.

ROE Visual Delivers Historic Number of LED Panels to Solotech

ROE Visual delivered over 5000 sqm CB5 MKII LED panels to its longstanding partner, Solotech. This record-breaking acquisition marks the largest single-batch order of LED panels ever sold by the company.

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