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Black Marble Interactive LED Floor

Powerful interactivity

The Black Marble interactive LED panels have embedded optical sensors that detect when they have been activated by a foot, hand or really anything that you'd like to place on the interactive panels. High-resolution tracking on the Black Marble interactive LED floor, with 100 sensors per panel and multi-tracking on small surfaces make the interactivity a power tool.

The fast response time of 33 milliseconds and real-time data traffic to the content server make the experience unforgettable.

The Black Marble interactive LED panels use a Brightlogic processor.  A single receiver card with a sense processor card per panel control the interactivity and the display. Mix-and-match with standard Black Marble LED panels is possible, using the same receiver cards.

Accessing the Touch Data is easy, making linking to Notch, TouchDesigner or other real-time graphics engines or lighting consoles a breeze.

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Creating the WOW Moment

ROE Black Marble floor provides an amazing interactive playground for experiencing fun interactive games. Expand the canvas to include many players, and you have a giant Interactive experience whereas each participants' actions are tracked and displayed both on the floor and wall. Combine this with DMX lighting and surround sound and you have a truly immersive experience.

People love the feeling of knowing they’ve triggered an action or a visual response based on their touch. This is particularly effective when the visual effect is displayed in very close proximity to their feet or hands or bodies. If the content is designed in a way that creates a surprise when touched, there is the “Wow” moment that is created. 

Key Features

Integrated Interactivity
100 Optical Sensors per Panel
Fast Response Time - 33 milliseconds
Works with the Touch Controller system
Easy and Inituive Programming
Easy Integration with XML, API or NDI Feed
  • Tile
  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • Max Brightness Calibrated
  • Panel Dimension
  • Panel Resolution (H x V)
  • Weight Per Panel
  • Power Consumption Max/Average
  • BTU Max/Average
  • Viewing Angle Vertical
  • Viewing Angle Horizontal
  • Refresh Rate
  • Gray Scale
  • Operational Temp/Humidity
  • Storage Temp/Humidity
  • IP Rating
  • Certifications
The specifications are for reference, actual values may vary.
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  • Title
Black Marble LED Panels

Application Fields

  • Events
  • Broadcast
  • Concerts
  • Carshows
  • Hospitality
Jo Pauly

Our technical crew was amazed by the easy installation qualities of the Black Marble floor and the resulting high-quality visuals.

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