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ROE Visual for automotive industry

Who we are

ROE Visual is dedicated to make the best LED display platfoms. Not just any LED panel, but the best. Carefully selected high-end components, the latest technology, in-depth knowledge and a lot of passion go into our LED products. Being familiar with the challenges of our market, we offer the best possible solution for the creatives, designers, technicians that rely on our products for a flawless installation, shoot or performance. Day-in, day-out.

ROE Visual LED technology


Going beyond expectations in all facets of what we do, to awe and inspire audiences world-wide by delivering unforgettable experiences.

ROE Visual LED technology


To provide the best LED technology avaialble and translate this into feasible, beautifully desinged and easy-to-work-with LED products that are the first choice for large LED display installations around the globe.

ROE Visual LED technology


Persuing excellent performance and fully commited to solution based thinking, we have the best interest of our employees and clients at heart to build longstanding relationships based on transparancy and mutual trust.


Our Story

“When I try to explain the success of ROE Visual it's that there are a group of companies in the industry that are open in their engagement with customers and partners. They allow themselves to be transformed through these relationships. It is a real partnership. This ability to listen and adapt is what defines companies like ROE Visual.“ Matt Ward

ROE Visual Timeline

Jason Lu

After founding ROE Visual in 2006 Jason Lu still heads the company as main driving force behind product development, taking on the latetst technologies and translating these in ready-made products and strategic plans that lay the foundation for a bright future.

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