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ROE Visual LED Products

Innovative, future-ready companies rely on ROE Visual for best-in-class LED products.

ROE Visual presents the favorite processing platforms for its LED displays.

Processing Platforms

You want to make sure your beautiful content arrives right where it should be: on the right screen, in the right resolution, at the right time. To do so, a video processor is indispensable. Have a look at some of the processors ROE Visual favors.

HELIOS LED Processing Platform

HELIOS LED Processing Platform

HELIOS is compatible with video sources up to 8K resolution and utilizes the latest distribution infrastructure for the best performance and reliability.

eV4 LED Processing platform

eV4 LED Processing Platform

The eV4 Processor enables next generation image display and can handle 4K resolution display on a 60Hz frame rate, thus creating an outstanding image performance.

SX 40 LED Processing Platform

SX 40 LED Processing Platform

The 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor combines an industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with a high-capacity processor.

HELIOS LED processing platform


The EOS by ROE Visual is a convenient all-in-one rugged switch for all rental applications that need a reliable switch solution for your HELIOS processor

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