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ROE Visual LED Products

Innovative, future-ready companies rely on ROE Visual for best-in-class LED products.

Topaz LED panel


  • 2.6 mm

Are you looking for a versatile LED panel with trusted ROE Visual quality? Topaz fits that bill seamlessly. With its high-precision mechanics and excellent visual quality, it offers everything you love about ROE Visual.



  • 2.6/3.1/3.9 mm

Graphite offers a durable yet lightweight LED screen solution that provides quick installation through its intuitive smart-lock system. Graphite is ideal for building large LED walls and ceilings fast and efficiently.

VST Panel

Vanish ST

  • 4.6/6.9 mm

The Vanish ST(Vanish Solid Touring) Series comprises a dependable outdoor LED panel designed to excel in high-utilization scenarios. Packed with outstanding features, the Vanish ST Series is ready to successfully conquer the outdoor rental market by offering a remarkable, multipurpose, solid LED solution.



  • 2.6/3.1/3.9 mm

Discover Jet. This LED screen designed for semi-permanent indoor applications, brings efficiency and easy utilisation in a sturdy frame, paired with and outstanding visual performance.



  • 8.94/5.68 mm

The Vanish LED panel is a large frame, indoor transparent LED panel. With a transparency from 35 to 62%, this LED panel offers outstanding performance in indoor environments through its high brightness, high contrast and excellent viewing angles.

Black Quartz

  • 3.9/4.6 mm

The Black Quartz offers a full-fledged LED screen appliance, combining a small pitch LED panel with an integrated wind-bracing system, the perfect solution for your next tour or outdoor event.



  • 2.6 mm

Obsidian, the latest LED innovation from ROE Visual, is a game-changer for virtual production. Drawing on ROE Visual's extensive experience in LED volumes for film, Obsidian offers unparalleled features tailored for the dynamic demands of the industry.

Ruby R2.3 LED screen


  • 2.3 mm

With its high-brightness LED performance, the Ruby panel gives an excellent visual performance for both direct viewing and in-camera visuals. With its high precision and rigid panel frame you can create a seamless video wall with an un-paralleled performance.



  • 2.3/2.6/1.9 mm

Ruby-C brings a perfect curve to your LED wall, making precise curving possible. Its curving unit enables meticulous curving up to the most petite 1-degree curves. Ruby-C stands for exceptionally mechanical design and craft.

Coral Led Panel ROE


  • 0.9/1.25 mm

Designed to revolutionize the world of AV integration, Coral is a cutting-edge LED panel. With revolutionary COB technology and flip-chip LED design, Coral sets a new standard for impeccable visual performance, delivering unmatched clarity, contrast, and energy efficiency. that boasts remarkable features, including COB flip chip technology, a high-contrast dark mask, and comes in pixel pitches 0.9mm to 1.8mm.

Vanish V8T

Vanish V8T

  • 8.94 mm

The Vanish V8T LED panel complements the Vanish series of transparent LED panels. With a transparency of 50%, this LED panel offers outstanding performance in outdoor environments through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles.

Carbon MKII

Carbon MarkII

  • 3.75/5.77/8.33 mm

The Carbon MarkII series offers a lightweight LED solution for the outdoor rental market with an unbeatable reputation for its outdoor performance.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl 2V2

  • 2.8 mm

The Black Pearl 2 series is a high-grade LED panel line that brings excellent visuals. ROE Visual is excited to announce the news of over 100,000 panels of the Black Pearl 2 series in Virtual Production use around the world.

Diamond 2.6


  • 2.6 mm

The Diamond indoor LED screen is available in a DM2.6 and DM3.9 pixel pitch. Designed as a lightweight and affordable solution, the visual quality is exceptional.



  • 2.6/3.9/5.2 mm

Create stunning visual displays for fixed installation. Jasper LED panels offers easy installation and high-end results. The AV integrators choice for video display solutions.

Vanish 8

Vanish V8

  • 8.94 mm

The Vanish V8 is the smallest and lightest member of the Vanish series of transparent LED panels. With a transparency of 60%, this LED panel offers outstanding performance through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles.

ROE Visual Black Marble

Black Marble

  • 4.76/2.82 mm

The Black Marble LED floor system from ROE Visual creates floors, stairs, and multi-level stages for events, broadcast, and xR stages. The Black Marble is available in glossy and matte finishes and in a BM2 and BM4 pixel pitch.

ROE Visual Black Marble 4

Black Marble Interactive LED floor

  • 5.7 mm

The Black Marble interactive LED floor from ROE Visual is an LED floor system that offers fully integrated interactivity.

Black Marble 5

Black Marble BM5

  • 5.7 mm

The Black Marble BM5 LED floor system from ROE Visual creates floors, stairs and multi level stages for events, broadcast and xR stages. The BM5 offers enhanced features such as a wide viewing angle.

ROE Visual presents the favorite processing platforms for its LED displays.

Processing Platforms

You want to make sure your beautiful content arrives right where it should be: on the right screen, in the right resolution, at the right time. To do so, a video processor is indispensable. Have a look at some of the processors ROE Visual favors.

HELIOS LED Processing Platform

HELIOS LED Processing Platform

HELIOS is compatible with video sources up to 8K resolution and utilizes the latest distribution infrastructure for the best performance and reliability.

eV4 LED Processing platform

eV2and eV4 LED Processing Platform

The eV2 and eV4 Processors enables next generation image display and can handle 4K resolution display on a 60Hz frame rate, thus creating an outstanding image performance.

SX 40 LED Processing Platform

SX40 LED Processing Platform

The 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor combines an industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with a high-capacity processor.

ROE Strip

ROE Strip

The ROE Strip is a linear LED element suited for all sorts of creative applications. The multiple cover options and variable lengths make it and ideal LED element to accentuate set designs, structures or interior elements.


Carbon Series

  • 3.7/5.7/8.3 mm

The Carbon Series LED panels are designed to build large LED walls quickly. The Carbon CB8, CB5 and CB3 are suited for out- and indoor use.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

  • 2.8/3.9 mm

The Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast grade, HD-LED panel available in a BP2 and BP2V2 version. Specially designed for use in film studios and virtual production.

ROE Visual Air Frame

Air Frame

Air Frame is a lightweight and foldable wind-bracing system compatible with the Carbon series CB5 and CB8 LED panels. Make your outdoor LED screen safe and wind-resistant using Air Frame.

HELIOS LED processing platform


The EOS by ROE Visual is a convenient all-in-one rugged switch for all rental applications that need a reliable switch solution for your HELIOS processor


Creative and Bespoke LED Products

When required, ROE Visual can create products outside of its standard LED Panels. These bespoke creative LED products from ROE Visual can more creative freedom or integration options for designers, architects and AV technologists. Just ask and see what we can create together.

T4 Frame

T4 LED Frame

The T4 frame is a robust LED support frame developed for the MC and CB series LED panels, ideal for touring productions. The T4 frame supports quick installation, easy on-site service access and efficient transportation.

ROE Visual Air Frame

Accessories - Cabling

In order to make your LED panel work, you need more than a panel alone. ROE Visual offers high-quality and professional accessories, like cabling, to complete your system.

ROE Visual Air Frame

Accessories - Transport Systems

In order to get your gear from warehouse to gig and vice versa, you need a good and safe solution to transport your precious LED panels. ROE Visual offers high-quality and professional accessories, like flight cases and dollies, to complete your LED system.

ROE Visual Air Frame

Accessories - Hanging and Stacking

In order to make your LED panel work, you need more than a panel alone. ROE Visual offers high-quality and professional accessories, like hanging and stacking systems, to complete your set-up.

ROE Visual Panel Locks

Accessories - Panel Locks

In order to make your LED panel work, you need more than a panel alone. ROE Visual offers high-quality and professional accessories, like panel locks, to complete your set-up.

ROE Visual Air Frame

Stacking System

The ROE Visual Stacking System is a stable and safe solution to build a ground supported straight or curved LED wall and is compatible with all ROE Visual LED panels.

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