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CPL Includes ROE Visual Products in Huge Investments

Leek, The Netherlands, (2 October 2018) - Technical production specialist CPL has invested around 2 million pounds in some of the latest video technology, like ROE Visual LED panels, processing and media servers, to ensure it can offer all clients the most creative and appropriate video solutions for a diverse range of shows and events.

CPL includes ROE Visual Products in Huge Investments

Video and AV lie in CPL's DNA, the company is committed to keeping ahead of this fast-paced and constantly changing world. This latest investment also points to CPL targeting larger and more ambitious events, and being competitive in more sectors, congruous with a general rise in music-based work.

A selection of premium brand products comprises the bulk of the investment; including ROE Visual LED screens, Brompton processing and disguise media servers.

Over 200sqm of ROE Visual Carbon CB5 indoor and outdoor products have been added to the CPL inventory. ROE Visual is one of the top LED brands, renowned for its excellent engineering and innovative approach to product design. The 5mm pitch carbon-fiber CB5 panels measure 600mm x 1200mm, are a slim 77mm thick, weigh just under 14Kgs each and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

CPL has also purchased ROE Visual's brand-new carbon fiber Air Frames - the first company in the UK to have these onboard. They provide a convenient super lightweight all-in-one hanging, stacking and transportation solution designed for maximum efficiency in all production scenarios. The Air Frames can be flown, or ground-stacked, without needing additional rigging elements, which makes them hugely flexible.

The CB5 is IP rated for outdoor use and designed and calculated to withstand high wind loading. It offers a 10-degree concave or convex curving variant for customized video wall designs. The curving option applies to the frames as well as the hanging or stacking bars.

"It's overall a HUGELY versatile product and we are already benefitting from using it on several shows and events," commented CPL managing director Matthew Boyse.

The CB5 screens are completed with a stacking-and-rolling dolly system. Each dolly holds 16 CB5 panels and is exceptionally quick to deploy and build on-site. Thus, reducing overall production time as well as being a space-saving solution for trucking and storage. The dollies are designed to work in a "train" formation while constructing large and wide screens.

"ROE has become an industry-standard premium product and that was also important when considering the purchase," explained CPL's events director, Lee Gruszeckyj. "We are confident that having this product available, next to our stock of ROE Visual Black Onyx 3mm LED panels, it will open up new opportunities."

In addition to the CB5, CPL purchased 200 pieces of ROE Visual Strip, a creative LED batten-style product that can be used in conjunction with any other LED surface and is suited for out- and indoor use. It is potentially a great decoration piece for sets and performance environments, particularly those being recorded or streamed, where "black holes" need to be filled. It can be used imaginatively to create or outline structures as well as being used as a light source. The 1.2m-long battens offer a 128 two-pixel resolution that can be fed via Brompton processors running signal to the CB5 and Black Onyx, etc., so they can be mapped with matched video content and assist in creating a kinetic fluidity in LED-based set designs.

Having all three of these ROE Visual products available from stock, CB5, Air Frames, Black Onyx BO3 and ROE Strip, offers versatile application possibilities.


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