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ROE Visual Sets Stage at Open Air Frauenfeld

ROE Visual Sets Stage at Open Air Frauenfeld

Leek, The Netherlands (July 11, 2018) - With a line-up of EMINEM, J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Wiz Khalifa and many others, Open Air Frauenfeld stakes the claim as Europe's biggest Hip Hop and Urban Music Festival. Held from July 5-7 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Entertainment media and Social Media posts report that the 10th edition of the festival was a well-attended success.

Stagelight AG supplies ROE Visual LED panels for Europe's biggest Hip Hop and Urban Music Festival

ROE Visual Sets Stage at Open Air Frauenfeld

Stagelight AG, based in Herisau, Switzerland, was commissioned as the main supplier for the festival, providing sound, lights and all video equipment.

Integrated in an immersive Skyline, two stages were erected, connected by different levels of set pieces and advertising space. The impressive Skyline measured 160 meters wide and 24 meters high. This elaborate 3D structure was built in several levels and incorporated the two main stages, two side screens, which were used for live camera visuals during the performances, as well as 10 separate advertising screens.

The top 5 screens were built with the help of a crane. All in all, Stagelight used ROE Visual MC7 panels to create 186 square meters of advertising screens and 104 square meters of live camera screens were used, these on top of the screens that were brought in for Eminem. As the main content source for all screens Stagelight used a Disguise image processor. For each sponsor special content blocks could be displayed over all 14 Skyline screens. 

ROE Visual Sets Stage at Open Air Frauenfeld

Daniel Burkhalter, Video Engineer for Stagelight commented: “We really like working with the ROE LED panels, they are really easy to handle and build. On a festival like this that’s really important, production times are always under pressure”.

Products used:

92m2 ROE Magic Cube - MC7 panels

186m2 ROE Magic Cube - MC12 panels

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