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ROE Visual Selected for LED Studio in North America

Creative Technology Expands with a Virtual Production Studio in Las Vegas

Chatworth, USA (June 2021)- Creative Technology North America (CTNA) has partnered with ROE Visual to build yet another Virtual Production LED Studio. With LED studios located in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville, CT now adds Las Vegas to the list, launching their latest in-camera VFX studio.

Founded in 1981, Creative Technology is a global leader in broadcast & live events. Working directly with manufacturers, like ROE Visual, Creative Technology creates bleeding edge hardware and software solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing live event space.

Expanding their locations for virtual productions due to a continued rise in demand, Creative Technology North America has recently opened a new location in Henderson, Nevada to support it’s West coast virtual event production spaces.

The Las Vegas studio has a large, curved LED wall consisting of ROE Visual Black Onyx BO3 combined with a Black Marble BM4 LED floor and a LED ceiling of Vanish V8. The studio can create 2D, 3D & mixed reality workflows when used with the tracking cameras and in-camera.

“Our studios are XR and camera tracking ready, using powerful graphics engines to create dynamic content that puts the presenter or musician virtually into any environment,” states Reed Erickson, VP, Digital Production at Creative Technology.

“The long-term strategy that CT North America uses to create virtual productions is compelling”, comments Frank Montero, General Manager for ROE Visual US, “They have both the means and the client base to guarantee a steady and sustainable growth in this fast-evolving market segment. We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with them”.

“Virtual productions offer endless possibilities in terms of delivering fully immersive visual storytelling. With the development of in-camera VFX and access to these virtual production LED volumes, virtual events are here to stay as a very compelling and engaging alternative to live events”.

Black Marble BM4

Vanish V8S

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