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ROE Academy – Enter The World of LED Technology

ROE Academy – Enter The World of LED Technology

Leek, The Netherlands (July 27th, 2018) –There’s a whole world of knowledge behind the great visuals displayed on any LED screen. Hardly any other product brings together so many aspects of hardware, software and electrotechnics. To reach out to those technicians who want to familiarize themselves with LED technology, the ROE Academy Basic LED Technician training brings together all these disciplines in one day. ROE Academy – Enter The World of LED Technology1

Hosting a group of 15 eager LED technicians from several parts of Europe, the first official ROE Academy training kicks-off early in Leek, the home town of ROE Visual Europe. The participants have different backgrounds, but all make their living in the entertainment industry and their reasons for participating is mainly to expand their scope of work or to learn the proper techniques and get knowledge directly from the source. Well, they have come to the right place.

The ROE Academy offers a thorough training on best practices related to building a LED screen solution.Transferring knowledge to users and customers on how to use its products in the best and most effective way, is how ROE Visual sees the relationship with its users. Not by only selling a product, but by providing all the support and knowledge you need, to make your screens work and perform on an outstanding level. Tailored to its dedicated markets, the ROE Academy is developed by Luc Neyt and Victor Kortekaas, both experienced LED engineers with profound knowledge of the working field.

ROE Academy – Enter The World of LED Technology1

Starting the morning session with lots of theory, some of the topics are real eye-openers; Yes, ROE Visual does store spare batches of LED for its customers, because no single batch is the same, and yes, it does matter which way you build your panels in a screen, and other topics really require effort to follow. Explaining the software and control systems to bring your LED panel to live and get the content displayed in the right way is tough for some and gets to the core for others. All-in-all Victor Kortekaas, lecturer of the day, really pushes to get all the knowledge across before the participants head for lunch, which is a welcome break.

ROE Academy – Enter The World of LED Technology1

The afternoon session is dedicated to a hands-on training, the participants are guided from building a LED wall from the floor or hanging it from a truss - with all the structural considerations that are part of it - to connection the LED panels and controlling them. Several control systems, like the Brompton and Evision controllers are used to explain the different set-ups. The participants alternate between different sets, and get their hands-on Carbon panels, Black Onyx, Magic Cube and Black Pearl. In this session, parts of the morning theory falls into place and the participants grasp the importance of what they have learned in the morning while applying it in the hands-on session. The main goal is to get the system up- and running and to be able to display content on the several LED screens.

“The training was very interesting, and I learned lots. When you do the level 2, I’ll be there for sure” comments Matthieu Gielen, one of the participants. Kortekaas adds: “It’s really rewarding to see the participants absorb all the knowledge and know that, when working for their next production, they will apply these new skills”. The ROE Academy offers training events at the premises of ROE Visual Europe in the Netherlands and ROE Visual USA, as well as in-house training options, where content can be tailored to your specific needs on request.

Interested to participate? The ROE Academy in Europe is held on several occasions, please check out the next dates here, or register for the next up on September 10th.

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