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ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in Europe

ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in Europe

Leek, The Netherlands (25 November 2018) - With no less than 4 different ROE Academy events, ROE Visual Europe dedicated a full week to training and knowledge transfer in its European Sales and Service office in Leek.Lecturer Victor Kortekaas is an inspiring teacher and talks with both flair and unmatched expertise about the ins- and outs of LED technology. With four different programs in a row all aspects of LED technology were touched upon.ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in EuropeStarting the week with the Essential LED training event, a couple of free-lance LED technicians were thought the basics of LED technology, combining theory with practice, the afternoon was used to build various LED screens from different types of ROE Visual LED panels and making them work.ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in EuropeThe consecutively planned Advanced LED training thought the participants more in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with the more advanced and creative ROE Visual products, such as the Hybrid panels and ROE Strip.ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in EuropeThe third day way a re-cap of the Essential LED training, this time lectured for students of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, studying to obtain an associate degree in Technical Production. These future production managers were more than eager to learn about how to apply LED technology and the key points they need to know as responsible production manager on a tour or theatre production. Investing in future technicians is a no-brainer for ROE Visual, it’s important to make them aware of good working practices at an early stage

The last day was dedicated to internal training. All the technical and sales staff of ROE Visual Europe were trained on the latest product updates and technical features. Equipped with this extensive knowledge they can serve their clientele in a better way.

For Victor Kortekaas it was an intensive week. All participants passed the final exams and can put their newly acquired knowledge to work. The feedback received was rewarding, many technicians participating in the essential training expressed wanting to sign up for the Advanced training. With a100% positive survey rating on the recommendation of the training ROE Visual looks forward to hosting another series of training events in 2019. The dates of these events will be released soon.ROE Academy Continues Its Training Events in EuropeParticipant Ali Aboosaidi, test and development engineer, commented” “ROE Visual hosted an academy jam-packed with theory and practical training, sufficient for anyone to be able to build a large-format LED wall. It was an excellent class that provided enriching and valuable tools”.

Further survey feedback shows how the course is valued by the participants:
“No further comments. Hope to have time for the advanced course soon!”

“He knows his stuff.”
“Victor works perfectly fine for the course.”

After having performed a row of training events all over the globe, ROE Visual can conclude that the benefits of participation can be huge; from enhancing general LED knowledge and product awareness to more efficient working practices and recognizing defects before they happen. 

This will result in a lower defect rate and properly build and thus better-looking LED walls. For freelance technicians, the training offers a unique opportunity to connect with other technicians and companies looking to hire personnel. Trained personnel will reflect a higher level of professionalism, being able to explain all the ins- and outs of the LED product to the customer on-site.

The ROE Academy offers training events at the premises of ROE Visual Europe in the Netherlands and ROE Visual USA, as well as in-house training options, where content can be tailored to your specific needs on request.

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