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Processing Platforms

ROE Visual's Favorite Processing Platforms for LED Displays

You want to make sure your beautiful content arrives right where it should be: on the right screen, in the right resolution, at the right time. To do so, a video processor is indispensable. Have a look at some of the processors ROE Visual favors.


Future-ready LED Processing

The HELIOS LED Processing Platform re-imagines LED processing to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding projects, like events, broadcast touring or fixed installations.

HELIOS is compatible with video sources up to 8K resolution and utilizes the latest distribution infrastructure for the best performance and reliability. Megapixel VR’s HELIOS LED Processing Platform reimagines processing from the ground up to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. Leverage the newest 8K and HDR formats to drive screens with the greatest visual impact in only 1RU.

Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor

Tessera SX40

The 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor combines an industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with a high capacity processor.

Tessera SX40 offers support for full 4K screens at 60Hz with 12 bits per colour output. It supports a zero-latency up/down scaler that matches the source to the screen as well as all of Tessera’s  processing features like ChromaTune colour correction, On-Screen Colour Adjustment (OSCA), and more.

It is compatible with all existing Tessera fixture inventory. Used in combination with the Tessera XD data distribution unit, the Tessera SX40 provides a cost-effective and powerful processing system for supporting the biggest and boldest LED projects.

More information on the Tessera SX40

eV4 LED Processor by ROE Visual

eV4 Processor

The eV4 Processor is developed by ROE Visual to offer an advantageous solution for 4K processing for its own LED product lines.
The eV4 Processor is based on the trustworthy and much used HD102 and HD101 series and combines the best solutions on the market  The eV4 Processor features an integrated image processor, processor redundancy, 4K HDR and is used in combination with a fiber box, the Fiber Distributor eVX10, enabling long distance signal transmission.

More information on the eV4 Processor

Touch controller

BrightLogic Touch Controller

The TouchController is used in combinatoin with the Black Marble Interactive floor. The TouchController GUI can be accessed via any PC/Mac using a web browser. The TouchController provides real-time tracking of all the sensors installed in the floor/wall. The TouchController sends this same sensor information via an NDI feed to any connected Media Servers. The sensor data is also available in XML format for development frameworks such as Unity or OpenFrameworks.

The combination of the Black Marble interactive panels and the easy to use TouchController Web-Based GUI provides designers with the tools they need to create dynamic generative content.
Simply connect the panels to the Video Controller and connect the Video Controller to the TouchController and you’re up and running in a few minutes. Designers can use the tools they know, such as TouchDesigner and Notch. For developers looking to program their content using tools such as OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Unity, we’ve put together connector libraries for the TouchController and developers can either use the XML API or the NDI Feed from the TouchController.

Whitepaper Content Design for Interactive LED Floors

TouchController Brochure

LED Processing Platforms

  • Processors
  • Inputs
  • DVI max
  • Input/loop width
  • Support input resolution 8 bit
  • 10 bit
  • Output ports
  • Fiber
  • Max output per port
  • Control ports
  • Loading capacity
  • Max width/height
  • Splice function
  • Zoom function
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Chromaticity adjustment
  • Color gamut transformation
  • Gray scale at low brightness
  • Pip function support
  • 3D display
  • Compatible with
  • GEN lock
  • GEN lock loop
  • Power in
  • Add display function keys
  • Weight
  • Power consumption
  • Height
The specifications are for reference, actual values may vary.
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