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Vigsø Enhances Portfolio with Strategic Investment in ROE Visual LED Panels

Leek, The Netherlands (4 June 2024) - ROE Visual is delighted to announce a significant investment by Denmark-based rental company VIGSØ in ROE Visual's cutting-edge LED technology. This strategic move marks VIGSØ's commitment to elevating its rental offerings by acquiring state-of-the-art LED panels.

Driven by a commitment to service excellence, quality, and positive vibes, VIGSØ A/S stands at the forefront as Denmark's premier dry hire provider of technical equipment for the Scandinavian event, production, theater, and concert industry. The company has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, a testament to its grounded philosophy of reciprocity. A devoted team of professionals is focused on simplifying customers' experiences, with product offerings tailored to meet the demands of their clientele, making VIGSØ a dynamic force in the industry.

VIGSØ has invested substantially in ROE Visual's versatile Topaz and robust V4ST outdoor LED panels, underscoring their dedication to delivering top-tier solutions for various events and applications. Adding over 250 sqm of regular and curved Topaz LED panels to its inventory and a vast 700 sqm of Vanish V4ST Outdoor LED, VIGSØ is ready for yet another busy season.

This sizable acquisition solidifies VIGSØ's position as a leader in the rental industry. The addition of the curved Topaz 2.6 panels highlights their commitment to offering innovative and flexible solutions for diverse event setups. All acquired panels, the Topaz 2.6 and 2.6 curved will be equipped with eVision LED processing, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

We firmly believe that ROE Visual is the ideal partner for our journey.

"Through this investment, we reach a new benchmark for our company, and we firmly believe that ROE Visual is the ideal partner for our journey. By committing to Topaz and Vanish ST, we're not just investing in LED panels; we're investing in our company's future growth. This substantial investment underscores our preparedness for a vibrant and successful season, guaranteeing unmatched visual experiences for our valued customers. One of the first projects where we utilized the Topaz LED panels was the DR National broadcast 'Melodi Grand Prix,' states Christian Vigsø, CEO of VIGSØ ."

"We are thrilled to see VIGSØ making such a substantial investment in ROE Visual's versatile indoor LED solution Topaz and the Vanish 4ST outdoor LED panels," says Auke Meijer, COO at ROE Visual. "This strategic move demonstrates VIGSØ's commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions and positions them as a premier rental company. We are confident that our cutting-edge LED technology will empower VIGSØ to deliver exceptional experiences, and we're looking forward to seeing these products used at several events in the coming season."

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