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HELIOS LED Processor

The Future is Here with the HELIOS LED Processor Software Updates

HELIOS LED Processing - A toolbox full of Possibilities

Shenzhen, China (May 3, 2021) - ROE Visual announces leading-edge software updates for Megapixel VR’s HELIOS LED processor. The software update will add a toolbox of possibilities for LED processing, ideal for LED technicians working on exacting projects in the field of live events or virtual production.

The HELIOS LED Processing Platform supports large-format LED displays for demanding pro AV, broadcast, film, and installation applications. An 8K video pipeline and full HDR support will drive screens with the most significant visual impact in a very compact system. The HELIOS LED Processing Platform is the result of close cooperation between ROE Visual and Megapixel VR; combining their forces and in-depth knowledge of LED and processing technology has resulted in a future-proof processing platform that comes as a handy growth system.

What’s new? With the HELIOS software update, some exciting features are added, creating stunning tools for LED processing.

 Next-Generation Genlock
The HELIOS NanoSync feature gives you the most accurate sync control of your LED screen. HELIOS synchronizes the actual light output of the LED panel to the timing source, and now users can enter offsets by the nanosecond. This way of handling genlock creates enormous advantages for broadcast and camera work. Enabling this level of fine-tuned control allows the LED display to refresh in perfect timing when using rolling shutters and film or digital camera sensors.

 Ultra-Low Latency Mode
HELIOS controls timing accuracy in the display system, no matter the source. HELIOS Ultra-Low Latency allows for as low as one frame of delay through the entire system chain without the need for custom EDIDs or high frame rates from the source. The low latency provides an ideal solution for visual effects combined with moving tracked cameras, enabling better synchronization between the live-action and the virtual set.

 Greyscale Performance
HELIOS manages greyscale at incredibly low light levels, maintaining a high-scale bit depth all through the system. The amount of detail offered with 22 bits of greyscale is unprecedented; a significant benefit in virtual production, where you want to maintain the bit depth and quality of the source on the screen and eventually on-camera. Preserving a high greyscale range at low brightness requires enormous processing precision. Megapixel VR’s PX1 receiver card is at the heart of this quality and accuracy, resulting in more image detail.

"With this update, you can access many more tools and handles to create perfect and accurate visuals . I’m baffled by the sheer possibilities and can’t wait to see this in the field.”

“We’re excited about this latest software update for the HELIOS Processing Platform,” comments Victor Kortekaas, Technical Director for ROE Visual Europe. “We have worked closely with the developers from Megapixel VR on testing the Beta version, and basically, they have added a new layer in your toolbox. With this update, you can access many more tools and handles to create a perfect and accurate visual on the LED screen. I’m baffled by the sheer possibilities and can’t wait to see this in the field.”

Installing client software is not needed as HELIOS works entirely web-based. The new features will be directly available on the HELIOS Processing Platform, with no fuss with PC-based client software versions and updates. The ROE Visual team will be happy to support you with a demo or training.

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HELIOS LED Processing Platform

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