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'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 4 Deploys ROE Visual to Create Background Scenery

Shooting Completed at Pixomondo and William F. White's Virtual Production Studio

Chatsworth, USA (October 14, 2021) – The fourth season of the Emmy-winning Star Trek: Discovery Paramount+ streaming series and the upcoming inaugural spin-off, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, recently wrapped shooting on Pixomondo’s (“PXO”) and William F. White International’s (“WFW”) flagship virtual production stage in Toronto, Canada. Both series employed virtual background environments displayed on the vast ROE Visual LED volume at PXO and WFW’s new facility in Toronto, Canada.

"LED volumes are excellent for creating realistic virtual sets. Applying virtual production technology instead of the traditional green screens, the actors can perform better and directly relate to the dynamic virtual scenes”, comments Jason Zimmerman, lead Visual Effects Supervisor for the Star Trek series.

Michael Gibson/Paramount+ ©2021 ViacomCBS Streaming, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As an Oscar and Emmy-winning visual effects and virtual production company, PXO is world-renowned for its creativity and premium post and pre-production services for films, television, and commercials. The company is an emerging specialist in “in-camera VFX” and currently has two VP stages in Toronto and one under construction in Vancouver, all of which are equipped with a ROE Visual LED volume. The LED walls are specified with Black Pearl BP2V2 LED panels with the LED ceilings composed of Carbon Series CB5 LED panels. All three stages are built by PXO and WFW – Canada’s leading provider of production equipment and studio spaces to the film and television industry.

PXO has a long history of working with producers of the Star Trek franchise. The company was Oscarnominated for its VFX work on the 2013 feature film Star Trek Into Darkness and has worked on Star Trek: Discovery since the show’s inception in 2017, in addition to working on Star Trek: Picard and Star.

Mahmoud Rahnama, PXO Head of Studio in Toronto and Montreal, commented:

"Ushering an iconic series like Star Trek into a new era of virtual production has been a thrilling experience. We are so grateful to have technical partners like ROE Visual onboard for this adventure. ROE Visual’s LED products set the quality benchmark for the whole industry and perform exquisitely and reliably, delivering outstanding vivid colors and market-leading brightness."

"We’re very pleased to participate in the production process of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4”, comments Frank Montero, Managing Director of ROE Visual US. "Large LED screens and virtual production technology are bringing new opportunities for streaming companies to push creative boundaries whilst still delivering production efficiency gains. Advanced facilities, like PXO and WFW’s Toronto studio, are indispensable to meet the demand for high-quality content. We look forward to serving more creative teams in the production of film and series at this superb Canadian facility."

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere November 18, 2021, on Paramount+ with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds airing in 2022.


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ROE Visual Black Pearl V2 Premieres for Pixomondo Studio | ROE Visual


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Black Pearl BP2 V2

Carbon CB5


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