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Samsung Galaxy Note Launch Presented on ROE Visual Screens

ROE Visual products were used to create a three-dimensional presentation space for the prestigious Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch conference, held in New York. Setting the stunning center stage was a series of Carbon series LED panels that covered a total of 800-square meters. The stage was like a huge three-dimensional space, which enhanced the visual effects of projection as well as presentation, and created an immersive experience for the audience. The 3D space was constructed by three huge LED screens. Two of these presentation walls consisted of ROE Visual Carbon series LED panels, creating an eye-catching presentation screen.

Samsung executives used the 3D screens to support their presentations with a projection of giant 3D-images of floating smartphones, a stunning effect many on-lookers called the most exciting part of the launch event. The LED display technologies helped enriching product presentation and reaching customers. In this project, the featured CB3 panels covered 800. The professional and ultra-light design of the products, helped the customer to build a perfect 3D stage.

CB4 is ROE Visual’s customized product, with excellent features such as carbon fiber structure, ultra-lightweight and magnet assistance, enabling easy setup and maintenance to save on time and labor costs. The products of this project were customer-tailored. It took us only 100 days to deliver the orders, which reflect our customization capability and customer-centered philosophy. Once again, this project made ROE more active in the high-end market, extending the application area of ROE products and greatly enhancing our brand awareness and credibility.

Products Used:
Carbon Series CB3
Carbon series CB4 - custom product

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