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ROE Visual Sapphire LED Screens for Worldstage Virtual Stage

Chatsworth, US (22 June 2020) - Utilizing ROE Visual 1.5mm LED, interactive LED flooring, and the disguise xR workflow, the stage in Northern California is attracting interest from corporate clients, VFX firms and film producers.

WorldStage and Intrepid Studios have joined forces to open the highest-resolution Extended Reality (xR) production stage ever built. Located at Intrepid Studios’ comprehensive 12,000-square-foot production and post-production facility in San Rafael, California, xRStage-SF is aimed at the virtual event, corporate, broadcast and film production communities

At xRStage-SF, two ROE Visual Sapphire 1.5mm pixel pitch LED screens, one measuring 11 x 20 feet and the other 11 x 10 feet, meet at right angles and frame an interactive LED floor. The set is powered by disguise media servers with 4K capabilities for live or pre-recorded camera capture. 

Virtual or xR production stages combine the high-resolution LED video walls and floor with 360-degree virtual backgrounds that are rendered in Unreal Engine or Notch content environments and then tracked, composited, and recorded in real-time. Virtual environments create a wide variety of backgrounds, from photo-realistic cinematic exteriors and interiors to dramatic studio sets, to all manner of abstract and highly imaginative scenes. Inside these virtual worlds, the camera perceives amazing depth, parallax, and vanishing points – just as in real life. 

With the xR Stage virtual set extensions, the user can expand the scope and scale of wide shots far beyond the physical limitations of the set. Using augmented reality (AR) layers, actors or presenters have the possibility to actually interact with 3D objects, making presenting or performing easier and more natural. Because everything is being created in-camera, in real-time, producers walk away with finished material – avoiding the time and expense of compositing in post.

“We’re very excited to bring this amazing visualization tool to creatives working in every aspect of digital content production. It offers the unlimited creative potential that will usher in a new era of digital storytelling,” said Mark Pedersen, CEO and president of Intrepid Studios and Intrepid Creative. “Covid-19 has been a wake-up call to rethink event marketing,” he continued. “You can’t replicate big-room live event experiences in an online world. You need to design content for virtual event environments that takes advantage of the medium to hold the audience attention. xR is a phenomenal option that can take audiences anywhere.”

WorldStage was the first company to invest in the ROE Visual Sapphire LED screen. This unique LED screen offers an NPP of 1.5mm LED combined with a touring frame, making it possible to actually use it as a rental product. Something that was deemed impossible for such a fine pitch LED screen. “The LED canvas thus created is flawless and offers the ideal background for these complicated applications, where the background visuals need to look good on-site as well as on-camera”, commented Frank Montero, General Manager for ROE Visual US.

“Extended Reality is enjoying rapid adoption in the corporate event and cinema industries, becoming one of the fastest-growing segments of our portfolio,” said Richard Steinau, senior vice president of WorldStage. “Increasing numbers of clients are eager to use various aspects of XR to create immersive content and explore a new world of possibilities. For digital events where engagement continues to be challenging, XR offers highly dynamic content with considerably improved production value vs today’s virtual presentation formats.”


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