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ROE Visual Launches Vanish V8 Transparent LED Screen

ROE Visual Launches Vanish V8 Transparent LED Screen

Shenzhen, China (10 December 2018) – ROE Visual Co. Ltd. today announced the launch of the Vanish V8 transparent LED panel. The Vanish series V8 LED panel is designed to create high- transparency solutions for LED walls in any indoor environment.

The ROE Visual Vanish V8 made its debut at LDI 2018, where customers could view front and back of the panel’s unique high-transparency and lightweight frame.ROE Visual Launches Vanish V8 Transparent LED ScreenThe Vanish V8 complements the Vanish series of transparent LED panels. With a transparency of 60%, this ROE Visual LED panel offers outstanding performance through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles.

Designed for indoor applications, the Vanish V8 is lightweight and slim; with each panel weighing approx. 6.5kg and measuring 35mm depth. The ROE Visual V8 offers excellent curving capabilities to create either curved or straight LED walls, each with stunning see-through video effects.

ROE Visual Launches Vanish V8 Transparent LED ScreenEasy to handle and install, Vanish V8 creates large screen transparent displays easily, fashioning a playful layering effect for your product introduction or retail environment.

Vanish V8 offers excellent benefits for the user

 - 60% transparency; offering minimal opacity and an optimal see-through experience

Lightweight designthe slim Vanish V8 panels have a reduced weight and volume, resulting in lower transport costs and reduced storage volume.

- Easy maintenance; the Vanish V8 panels offer easy access and clever repair features with a modular design.

- Excellent video performance; capture the audience’s attendance and create unforgettable experiences using its excellent visual quality.

Dual Application; The standard deliverable shutter plates offer dual application of the panels, the panels can be changed easily from non-transparent to transparent, broadening your application scope.

“Extending the Vanish series LED panels with the high-transparent V8 is the result of close partnership with our customers and playing into the ever-evolving market demands. Transparent LED screens are in high demand and we’re happy to offer this solution to our customer base” comments Jason Lu, General Manager of ROE Visual.

The Vanish V8 panels were presented at the LDI Show, receiving much acclaim from industry experts.

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