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ROE Visual Introduces Vanish 18

Shenzhen, China (April 18, 2018) – Just after the release of its new Diamond 2.6 series, ROE Visual launched yet a new product, the Vanish 18. The Vanish 18 is a transparent LED display panel for in- and outdoor use, featuring a smaller pixel pitch and panel transparency.

ROE Visual Introduces Vanish 18

The Vanish 18 LED panel is the new version of the Vanish series, which also includes the Vanish 25. A smaller pixel pitch solution, semi-transparent panels and light weight design make it the perfect solution for projects or installations with a need for large-scale screens.

Vanish 18 offers excellent benefits for the user
1. 50% transparency; offering minimal opacity and an optimal see-through experience
2. Designed for touring; due to a robust dolly and fast-lock system you can assemble and disassemble large displays within a short timeframe, thereby saving on production time and personnel costs
3. Designed for easy maintenance; the Vanish 18 panels are designed to offer easy access and clever repair features, such as the replaceable strips
4. Integrated power back-up; the dual power supply backup system guarantees display operation on single power supply only, due to the panel’s power pass-through feature. Operating on dual power, the LED panels will function with high brightness for daytime use.

The Vanish 25 design has been thoroughly tried and tested in the field, being used by LMG Touring for the “Play that Song” tour by Train. The Vanish 18 LED panels were developed featuring a smaller pixel pitch and some product updates, based on the touring feedback.

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