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ROE Visual Europe Opens Dedicated Test Studio for Virtual Production

Leek, The Netherlands (July 19, 2021) – Keeping pace with developments for virtual production, ROE Visual EU has invested in the build of a complete virtual production studio. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, this studio doubles as testing space, R&D, and both online as well as live demonstrations. 

Featuring ROE Visual Black pearl BP2V2 LED panels and a BLACK Marble LED floor, the studio is equipped with a small LED volume that offers a perfect testing environment and is ideal for (online) training sessions. The LED panels run on HELIOS LED processing, making the LED Volume ready for regular virtual production and GhostFrame features.

The studio is completed with additional lighting, a media server, a broadcast switcher, and cameras. Four 50” monitors are added to capture the visualization of the in-camera visuals, such as the GhostFrame feeds.

Two types of cameras are available in the studio, a Sony HDC-5500, specially tuned to capture the GhostFrame feeds, and an ARRI AMIRA camera. These cameras provide extensive testing options, giving an in-depth insight into optimizing the syncing of the LED Volume with different cameras and shutter types.

Next to this, the studio is equipped with a disguise media server, enabling the engineering team to show extended reality environments and test LED and camera behavior from multiple camera angles.

“We’re incredibly pleased with this setup,” comments Victor Kortekaas, Technical Director for ROE Visual Europe. “We have done many tests before in our regular showroom, but having a dedicated area allows for continuous testing without rebuilding the set time and again.”

“Partnering companies ARRI and disguise kindly provided the equipment. Having access to both a media server and a camera allows us to create a demo space and test environment that provides similar facilities as the disguise studio at their offices in London and the ARRI testing facility in Ismaning. With this, we have the perfect platform for the technical teams to share their thoughts and insights. Creating cross-referential findings from more angles, touching on LED panel behavior, LED processing, media server, and camera behavior is beneficial for continuous development,” adds Kortekaas.

“The studio is an ideal environment to invite customers to experience virtual production technology in real life and explain the advantages of the GhostFrame features,” adds Roelof Bouwman. “The visitors we have received have been impressed with the possibilities offered by these new technologies. We also host online demos and training sessions, but nothing beats the actual real-life experience. We can’t wait to scale up access to the studio completely when travel restrictions are lifted. We have created a COVID-safe environment, keeping to strict safety protocols and testing on entering. We want both our visitors and our staff to feel secure and at ease.”

Extending its demo spaces with the virtual production studio, ROE Visual Europe now offers an immersive and multi-faceted LED experience, displaying products for live events, concerts and touring, permanent installation, film, and broadcast. Interested? Contact us to book your visit.

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