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Extended Reality at AED Studios with ROE Visual LED Screens

Leek, The Netherlands (29 July 2020) - Starting in September, the AED Studios in Lint will offer TV, film and event producers the opportunity to use a high-tech XR studio. The studio, equipped with a state-of-the-art XR set-up, uses the ROE Visual LED products to display the digital backgrounds.

The XR Studio is a partnership between a number of specialized European companies, like AED Display, MalfMedia, AV Wizard, byLEX and Eurogrip. Working closely together on this project they outfitted the Studio 4 complex at Lint with a high-tech XR setup. By using premium LED products for the floor and sidewall screens, real-time rendering by powerful media servers, camera tracking systems and streaming facilities, the installation offers a ready-made presentation or performance environment, to be used for interactive business presentations, recording film and TV programs or hybrid events.

Extended reality (XR) is the umbrella term for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and other immersive technologies. At the XR studio, the physical and digital worlds are perfectly connected, creating a platform for new, immersive and unique productions. Due to a unique cooperation between expert partners, the XR Studio offers a wide range of possibilities. Film, broadcast and event production can be facilitated in the studio, each with their own and unique requirements and fields of expertise. 

In order to create the immersive set-up in the XR studio, AED Display has used more than 300 ROE Visual LED panels, thereby creating one of the largest XR Stages in Europe. The entire U-shaped background consists of ROE Visual Diamond DM2.6 LED panels, while the and the stage floor is built from ROE Visual Black Marble BM4 LED panels. The floor panels have a matte finish, which reduces reflection on the stage floor, making them well-suited for this type of use. The entire LED system runs on eV4 processing with i9 receiver cards, to allow 10-bit processing, a must for this type of application.


Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director AED Display comments: “The combination of Diamond DM2.6 LED panels and the Black Marble BM4 LED floor was an obvious choice for this premium set-up. When accurate calibration, mechanical precision, low-latency and premium processing are fundamental to ensure a smooth workflow, ROE Visual’s products are the evident choice for all types of productions this stage can accommodate.”

Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED Group adds: "Using this technology, we can focus on a broad range of audiovisual productions. Film producers can shoot special scenes and effects, broadcast producers can create interactive sports programs, fiction or shows with a virtual audience and companies can turn their most ambitious ideas into dazzling presentations or commercials. The possibility of 'set extension' provides us with a unique way of adding virtual images, effects or elements to the shots in real-time.  Furthermore, it allows the people on the set to be immersed in a total experience. There are only a few studios like this one available worldwide, and we are proud to offer this service in Belgium. Our customers will be able to have access to the same technology as already used in Hollywood productions, such as The Mandalorian, Nighthawks, Star Wars and others".

AED Studio will host live demo days in August.  For more information e-mail to 


Products used:

Black Marble BM4

Diamond DM2.6

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