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Exciting Prolight + Sound Exhibition for ROE Visual

Leek, The Netherlands (April 18, 2018) -- ROE Visual looks back on an exciting Prolight + Sound Exhibition where new team members were introduced alongside two new products resulting in a booth packed with visitors throughout the show.

Exciting Prolight + Sound Exhibition for ROE Visual

Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director of ROE Visual Europe, comments, “Prolight + Sound is an important exhibition for our industry, all the major players come together to share experiences and look for new products and innovations. The quality of the visitors visiting our stand has been outstanding. We were happy to illustrate our innovative drive, by showcasing both the new Diamond 2.6 series and the Vanish 18 panels. These new products, have received very positive feedback from our customers and users.”

The future of LED

Bouwman continues: “As commercial partner of the AV Alliance, we were asked to participate in a panel discussion on “The future of LED” during the annual meeting here in Frankfurt. This offered a unique opportunity to discuss the development of the LED business and its outlooks for the future. ROE Visual felt secured by the topics discussed, with our innovative strategy and drive to enhance the general knowledge on LED technology, the future looks bright. Passing on this knowledge is one of the reasons we have started our training programme, the ROE Academy.”

Introducing the Diamond 2.6 series

The Diamond 2.6 (DM2.6) is the new lightweight, small pitch solution from ROE Visual, suitable for various indoor applications. With its ultra-light weight frame design, this superb LED screen brings lifelike viewing experience.

A Carbon and Magnesium frame design, guaranties light weight panels, where the black LEDs bring an incomparable viewing experience through high contrast and brightness. The panels are flexible and easy to set-up, due to the magnet assembly and the curving capabilities. Find out more on the DM2.6 here.

Exciting Prolight + Sound Exhibition for ROE Visual

Introducing Vanish 18

The Vanish 18 is a transparent LED display panel for in- and outdoor use. With its smaller pitch and transparent looks, it meets the existing market demand for smaller pixel pitch products. Together with the Vanish 25, the new Vanish 18 LED panel is part of the Vanish series. A smaller pixel pitch solution, semi-transparent panels and lightweight design make it the perfect solution for projects or installations with a need for large-scale screens.

Exciting Prolight + Sound Exhibition for ROE Visual

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