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Creating a Myriad of Possibilities

Shenzhen is the undoubted capital of the LED industry, and it’s here where we meet Glory Gao at the premises of ROE Visual Co. Ltd.  With a solid track record in the LED Industry, Gao knows the stakes are high when it comes to launching a new product range

“ROE Visual is no unknown player in the LED industry. Since its founder Jason Lu started the company in 2006, ROE Visual has grown into a world-leading LED supplier in the event industry.
By focusing on the touring market, ROE Visual found a demanding and challenging market niche and was hence structured to consistently deliver highly effective, safe and reliable visual solutions. 

That’s one of the secrets behind our fast growth and success in this market.  We have an unrivaled market share in the touring market, next to that ROE Visual has a year-on-year top 3 position as exporting LED manufacturer and a top 1 position in exporting to the USA”, comments Gao, Deputy Sales Director for ROE Visual.

Impeccable products

“ROE Visual is specifically tailored to be able to answer to the exacting demand from its clientele. We have a considerate R&D team, continuously focused on product improvement and innovation. With over 170 patents in our name and 50 more pending, we have sufficient proof of our innovative power”.

ROE Visual continually improves its manufacturing process and makes significant progress in manufacturing and assembly efficiency, reducing the production cycle and standardizing its already impressive Quality Control process.

The factory in Shenzhen clearly shows this immaculate eye for detail and efficiency. From the assembly to the exhaustive test protocols, the whole manufacturing process is based on delivering best-in-class products. “Every LED panel that leaves our factory has been thoroughly tested, that translates into a high degree of reliability on the job.”

Support is key

Apart from a drive for innovation, ROE Visual has recognized in an early stage that high-quality products are important, but service and support are paramount in building a brand. That’s why they have transferred the service and support centers out of China in an early of their existence. ROE Visual now can boast two full-service and sales organizations in the US and the EU with additional offices in Hong Kong and Nashville, US and local sales reps in France and Germany.With this excellent customer support in place, it’s with confidence that ROE Visual embarks on entering another market segment and will introduce products for the fixed installation and AV integration market. ROE Visuals experience and success in major touring events makes them a valuable asset to any performance venue, construction or refurbishment project.  

“The fact that we’re physically close to our customers and markets, makes it easy to react timely to pending requests and to translate these into fitting solutions with our clients” comments Frank Montero, General Manager for ROE Visual US, “We’re in the same time-zone and talking the same language, making it easy to do business”.

“ROE Visual offers comprehensive technical service, both the US and EU locations have a complete repair and support department, our services range from repairs and maintenance to on-site engineering support” adds Roelof Bouwman, General Manager for ROE Visual EU, “We never turn a customer down”. 

Both Montero and Bouwman confirm the growing demand for fixed installation products. “We’re happy that with this new range of products we can extend our services”, comments Bouwman. “We already have supplied to a range of broadcast and TV and film studio’s as well as houses of worship”, confirms Montero. 

“I have been working on both rental and fixed installations over the last 15 years, and have been involved in many projects worldwide, from LED display, to LCD kiosks and integrated digital signage solutions.  ROE Visual certainly has the capabilities to support a cross-over, integration and installation market”, continues Gao. 

Answering customer demand

“This move is mostly instigated by our own clientele”, comments Gao, “With keen understanding of project management, logistics and implementation processes, we provide clients with not only the right LED display solutions for their projects, but with the comfort that these will be delivered timely to perform flawlessly at their event.  ROE Visual is driven by a diverse client base that demands efficiency, first time right applications and innovative solutions. High-profile clients, like Google, Apple broadcasting studio’s and Opera houses contact us on a regular basis.

Based on that experience we're frequently asked to supply fixed installation jobs or bespoke projects as well. Up till now we often had to turn them down, by lack of the right products. That set us thinking, if we’re able to support the fast-forward and ask-today, deliver-tomorrow type of clients, we certainly have the capabilities to support a cross-over, integration and installation market”.

Expanding the product range

“By introducing the Sapphire SP1.5 series in 2018, we already made some cross-over products. The Sapphire platform has proven to be very competitive in the fine pixel pitch product marke

The problem with fine pitch LED displays is to avoid the visibility of the seams between the panels, it requires high-precision products, manufactured with low tolerances. Our production is very keen on that. We measure the dimensions of the housing, chassis and frames of all our products, our products do not pass QC by sampling inspection”, Gao explains.ROE Visual introduces two additional products: 

  • Amber, a 500x500mm indoor LED panel with either a 2.6 or a 3.9mm pixel pitch
  • Jasper, a 600x337.5mm panel, which will be deliverable in fine pixel pitches: 0.9375mm,1.25mm,1.5625mm and 1.875mm.

The ROE Visual products stand out by their reliable quality, multi-functional frame and energy-saving specifications. “We design the products based on their application scope, these specific requirements are the foundation of the design, like large viewing angles, light-weight frames and anti-moiré designs. That’s what customers and users directly recognize”, states Gao.

With installations for Disney Land, Star Casino, Google, a range of Houses of Worship and film Studio’s already accomplished, Gao is confident to be supporting more projects in the near future.

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