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Content design in relation to LED screens

General guidelines for making content that stands out at corporate and public events

As content designer the creative part of doing your job is paramount, but when it comes to the technical details it might be good to take on any job well-prepared.

Taking it from the other angle, ROE Visual likes to give you some practical tips and tricks to make and prepare content that aligns perfectly with the platform or screen it will be used on. This might help you to work more efficiently in creating platform specific content resulting in awesome visual and a happy client.

"LED reveals everything!"

So how to achieve this? No hocus-pocus, just a couple of simple and logical steps. The most important take-away is to realize content that looks good on your screen in the design studio might not look so good on the actual full-size display. When in doubt about some content, don’t use it. LED reveals everything! 

As you might well know, the viewing distance for LED is related to the pixel pitch. The closer you get to the screen, the finer the pixel rate should be, to keep a good viewing experience. In order to display text or lyrics you need good contrast and often a higher pixel pitch. Too detailed content does not look good on video displays with a pixel pitch of 5 or higher. Also moving images might become a bit blurry at that pixel pitch. LED screens with pixel pitches below 3mm. give good results displaying detailed content, such as CAD drawings or X-rays.

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