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Exhibition Downloads

Relevant Product Brochures and Documentation

Looking for information on the products we have presented at the Exhibition? Please find all relevant product information, documentation and brochures here.

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Download all new ROE Visual Product Brochures

Ruby RB1.2

Ruby Brochures

All information on the Ruby LED platform.

Go to the Ruby Webpage

Ruby Brochures

Ruby-C Brochure

Black Marble

All information on the Black Marble LED Floor, including Black Marble BM2  and Ruby BM4

Go to the Black Marble Webpage

Download Black Marble BM2 Brochure

Download Black Marble BM4 Brochure

Black Quartz

All information on the Black Quartz LED platform, including Black Quartz BQ3, BQ4, and BQ6

Go to the Black Quartz Webpage

Download Black Quartz Brochure



All information on the Topaz LED panel

Go to the Topaz Webpage

Download the Topaz Brochure

Black Pearl BP2V2

All information on the Black Pearl BP2V2

Go to the Black Pearl Webpage

Download Black Pearl BP2V2 Brochure


HELIOS LED processor

All information on the HELIOS LED processing platform

Go to the HELIOS Webpage

Download the Processing Platforms Brochure



All information on the Amber LED platform.

Go to the Coral Webpage

Download the Coral Brochure

Carbon Series

All information on the Carbon series, including Carbond Mark II.

Go to the Carbon Webpage

Download the Carbon Brochure

Carbon Mark II brochure

Vanish series

All information on the Vanish LED series.

Go to the Vanish Webpage

Download the Vanish Brochure


Combine the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, GhostFrame enables creative and powerful use of video and broadcast technology.

Go to the GhostFrame website

Download the GhostFrame brochure

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