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ROE Visual offers a wide collection of whitepapers and blogs on several LED technology related topics. Learn more in your own time with these free downloads.

ROE Visual has found a selection of ROE Academy trainers, engineers, content creators, all experts in their own field, willing to share their expertise and tricks of the trade.

Sharing their knowledge in these free whitepapers and blogs enables you to make your work just that touch easier.

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Enhancing Your Technical Workflow to 2.5G? Here’s What You Need to Consider.

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential to remain competitive. The evolution of LED panel technology is no exception. Recently, our Ruby LED panels, running on Megapixel VR's HELIOS LED processing platform, underwent a significant upgrade, transitioning from a 1G connection to a cutting-edge 2.5G connection. This transformation has far-reaching implications for your technical workflow. In this blog, we'll delve into the details of this upgrade and explore how it can impact your LED panel setup.

Video Over IP: What Does It Mean for You?

SMPTE 2110 is a set of standards that allow the transport of uncompressed video, audio, and data over IP networks. Its flexibility and capabilities have gained popularity in the broadcasting industry. ROE Visual's LED panels can seamlessly integrate the 2110 IP solution powered by disguise and Megapixel VR. Video over IP opens up new opportunities for enhanced interoperability and flexibility.

Blow-Through LED Panel Design? Don't get fooled.

The outdoor use of LED screens is still subject to myths and unawareness of possible risks. A persistent misunderstanding is the existence of blow-through LED panels. To cut things short, a transparent LED panel is not the same as a blow-through LED panel. Let's explain.

Get to Grips of Working with LED Volumes in Virtual Production

Get to grips with the nuances and limitations of working with LED volumes in Virtual Production. This Blog dives into the possibilities and challenges of using LED for on-camera applications.

Starting with Virtual Production

Virtual production technology has taken flight over the last year, fueled by the success of Disney’s The Mandalorian series. Do you want to learn more about “xR”? This paper aims to give an introduction to the LED technology and challenges involved in creating xR setups.

Thesaurus: LED technology for Virtual Production, xR, Film

New technology often comes with a new set of terminology. To guide your way into the what-is-what of LED technology for virtual production we have complied this easy and no-nonsense thesaurus.

LED Products for Film and Broadcast

A silent revolution is taking place on film and TV sets. Virtual production is enabling productions to create immersive and dynamic sets, based on LED panels. Why do the ROE Visual panels have such an outstanding performance for film and broadcast production?

Content Design for Interactive LED Floors

Creating interactive generative content is a little bit different than regular content design, requiring some different tools and skills. In this guide we take you through the basic requirements for designing interactive content for the interactiveROE Visual Black Marble LED floor.

HELIOS LED Processing Technology Overview

The LED processing system that is used to drive direct-view LED displays must be equipped with the right features to address and support important elements, like dynamic range, contrast ratio, and frame rate, beyond simply lighting up the pixels.

Content design in relation to LED screens

ROE Visual likes to give you some practical tips and tricks to make and prepare content that aligns perfectly with the platform or screen it will be used on. This might help you to work more efficiently in creating platform specific content resulting in awesome visual and a happy client.

Outdoor use of LED screens

Did you ever walk outside in the wind and rain and tried to hold on to your umbrella? Now think of the same, but with an umbrella 200 times the size. That gives you an impression of wind force. You need proper knowledge of the situation before building an LED screen in an outdoor environment.

How to handle moisture in LED

When an LED screen is not in use, the LEDs will start absorbing moisture from the air, no matter if it is an indoor or outdoor screen. Read the step by step guide to see how to handle moisture in LED.

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