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ROE Visual LED Screens Provide Backbone for Virtual Stages

Bringing people together in new and engaging ways is speeding during the COVID-19 lockdown measures we are experiencing. ROE Visual, a preferred supplier for most companies engaging in this fast-evolving technology, rises to the challenge.

Event organizers are looking to invest in hybrid event platforms to position their businesses for the short but, no doubt, also for the long run. We likely face a long period with variable and fast-changing restrictions driven by infection rates on a local and global scale, until a vaccine is found.

Data from the market is backing this up, smaller meetings and meetings with virtual delegates have to fill the gap. The change to being able to organize normal events will be very gradual. Going from meetings that are primarily virtual and partially in person, through a 50/50 scenario, to physical events augmented by virtual guests. 

In this ever-changing and uncertain environment, selecting technology providers that have the best solution for hybrid events is vital. ROE Visual offers valuable expertise in supporting clients in this evolution through to a hybrid model. Existing partners, such as Creative Technologies, Faber Audiovisuals, 80-six, Worldstage, 4Wall, PRG, and White Light already use ROE products for their virtual studios or hybrid event spaces.

Are we to witness the end of the green-screen era? Next to the application for hybrid event spaces, including additional interactive live audiences participating, this similar technology is used to create immersive video environments for broadcast and film. Replacing the traditional green screen element of a virtual studio allows the presenters and audience to see and interact with the content around them. This ground-breaking technology is already having a huge influence on how broadcasts are delivered across the globe.

The content, such as data charts, corporate logos or any other supporting asset is placed within the natural eye line and close proximity of the presenter. This enables the presenter to interact with the content in a far more natural way. With no rehearsals and no green-screen training required the speakers are more comfortable and can easily see and relate to the environment around them.

Using an LED wall, floor, and optional ceiling, the set-up is scalable to any desired space. With its standard-sized LED panels, the ROE Visual products are perfectly suited for this application. Scalable straight or curved walls can be built using the ROE Visual support system, while additional ceiling constructions, based on truss supports can be added. Offering an agnostic system, the ROE Visual LED panels can work with various media servers or processors without requiring any special adaptations and are compatible across most common systems.

Much used products for virtual studios are the Black Marble LED floor, the Black Pearl BP2.8 or Black Onyx BO2.8 and Diamond DM2.6. ROE Visuals latest product innovation, the Ruby R2.3 LED panel is currently being tested for these application types.
With a 4.7mm pixel pitch, the Black Marble LED floor offers excellent visual qualities, while the matte finish offers a non-reflective LED panel, ideal for broadcast and live events.
The Black Onyx and Black Pearl LED panels are in high demand for their outstanding on-camera performance. Due to distinctive product specifications, such as scan rate and LED quality and high amount of driver IC’s, the panels deliver images that are sharp, detailed, and vivid. The Diamond DM2.6 offers a lightweight alternative, to be used for walls as well as LED ceilings.

Virtual studios or hybrid event environments are very much suited for markets like education, corporate communication, broadcast, and events. If you are looking for a fitting solution to create a virtual stage, ROE Visual has the right connections and in-house expertise to help you to set up the LED components of your virtual stage and select the right materials for the job.


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