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ROE Visual Expands Creative LED Solution at LDI 2018

Shenzhen, China (October 8, 2018) – ROE Visual will integrate new creative elements in its booth design at LDI, to be held October 19-21, 2018 where new ROE Visual rounded corners, circles, triangles, right-angles and other creative products will be displayed alongside the ROE Visual Air Frame/Carbon series combo, recently released Sapphire, Diamond 2.6 and Black Marble floor displays.

roe visual LDI 2018The Carbon series is an LED staple for touring music artists including Ed Sheeran, U2, Metallica, Imagine Dragons and numerous others, while Black Pearl continues to lend its visual versatility to the Broadway musical rendition of the popular Disney film, Frozen.

Joining company founder Jason Lu and Sales Director Grace Kuo are Managing Directors from the United States and Europe, Frank Montero and RoelofBouwman; Product Marketing Director Tony van Moorleghem; newly-appointed Technology Director Robbie Thielemans as well as members of the company's global technical, sales and marketing teams.

LDI 2018 is more about one-on-one product discussions and showing customer appreciation over three days of breakfast hospitality and an extended cocktail hour from 4-6PM on both Friday and Saturday and all-day Sunday.

About ROE Visual LDI 2018 Products

ROE Visual's carbon fiber and aluminum Air Frame cuts down on production time thanks to its snap-together system house in in-flight carts.  The wind-resistant Air Frame product is lightweight, durable, ensures safety and can be used for larger installations. Air Frame was optimized for use with ROE Visual's Carbon family of panels and can be ground mounted or hung with a frame extension of nearly 80-feet (24 meters) with front and rear access to panels. Ground mount height can reach 15.75 feet (4.8 meters).

ROE Video's Sapphire panels can be accessed from front and back. They offer a 1.545mm pixel pitch, weigh approximately 4kg per panel with a pixel density of 418.9K LEDs per square meter. Sapphire offers product innovation over traditional LED panels by way of offset panels that are staggered akin to bricklaying, to provide seamless, non-linear creative options. ROE Visual's Sapphire incorporates FPT, Front Panel Treatment, to protect edges and corners of each module during transportation and storage. Each Sapphire panel is integrated with an eject motor, making it easy to remove panels or modules at any installation angle.

ROE Visual Black Marble video floor products range from a 4.7mm pixel pitch floor panel product to a 15.2mm pixel pitch model, to a hybrid floor panel with 16 integrated high-output LED spotlights per panel.  Black Marble surfaces are scratch-proof, noiseless, waterproof, and encourage creative design.  LED modules on Black Marble panels are magnetic allowing for front-facing maintenance. Modular flooring mounts and internal structure allow for easy installation. Panel modules are all two feet square and 5.1 inches deep (609.6 mm x 609.6mm x 130mm), with the glass finish adding 8mm in height. 

New creative products include expanded offering with rounded corners, triangle shapes, quarter panels, 90-degree corners, easy to set-up mounting stair frames for ROE Visual's Black Marble floor panels, ROE strips, transparent frames and Hybrid LED panel solutions with spot lights incorporated into each LED panel.

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