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LED for Virtual Production, XR and Film Studios

Are we to witness the end of the green-screen era? A silent revolution is taking place on film and TV sets, virtual production is enabling productions to create immersive and dynamic sets and backgrounds, based on simple LED panels instead of elaborate and costly set designs.

LED panels prove to be the ideal solution and canvas to portray sets and backgrounds created in virtual reality. Thereby creating maximum flexibility for the production teams to make last-minute set changes or slight alterations and comforting actors in a setting that is both real and immersive, enhancing their performance in comparison to performing against a green screen.

ROE Visual LED Products for Virtual Production, xR stages, Film and Broadcast

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This revolution started when Epic Games partnered with Lux Machina, Magnopus, Profile Studios, Quixel, ARRI, and DP Matt Workman to try out the capabilities of the latest virtual production toolset in Unreal Engine 4.23 for this specific application. When the right people, tools and materials come together, you can create thrilling and innovative filmmaking.

disguise and ROE Visual Strengthen Strategic Partnership

ROE Visual Partners with Epic Games

ARRI and ROE Visual Disclose Test Program

Premier choice LED products for Virtual Sets

So why do the ROE Visual LED panels have such an outstanding performance in this setting? Intensive testing and tweaking tell us, this is not down to one factor, but a combination of factors. Certain is that the combination of the LED screen and the processing and syncing of these with the camera, is crucial to get good results. This needs to be done for every setup. ROE Visual LED screens work with high-end components, and state of the art driver IC’s, which makes all the difference for the on-camera performance.

Black Pearl LED by ROE Visual

Black Pearl

Premier choice for film & broadcast studios, used on the Mandalorian series. Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast-grade, HD-LED display for indoor applications. It has won many prestigious design awards, including the IDEA Gold Award and the Red Dot Award. Innovative user-friendly design supports fast and easy set-up for both hanging and stacking options. The ROE visual Black Pearl panel is superior due to its comparatively high amount of driver IC’s, outstanding calibration and unrivaled LED on a 2.8-pixel pitch.

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ROE Visual Carbon MarkII

Carbon MarkII

The CB MKII has less weight and stronger structure. It's ideal for touring in conbination with frame and dolly options.

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Diamond LED by ROE Visual


Lightweight, cost-effective LED panel with a small pixel pitch and rich color display, ideal for virtual production stages (used for Hyper Bowl, MMC Studios). The Diamond DM2.6 LED is an affordable, LED panel with a vivid viewing experience. The Diamond DM2.6 screens cater for visual brilliance and a flawless finish in a lightweight panel.

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Black Marble LED by ROE Visual

Black Marble - interactive

Enhance your xR stage with an interactive LED floor, to create a more immersive experience with the sense data from the panels. The Black Marble LED panels are well-suited to create an immersive experience on floors, walls, multi-level stages or stairs.

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All ROE Visual LED panels are capable to display visuals in either 10-bit or 12-bit HDR. By selecting the premium LED batches from carefully selected suppliers, ROE Visual is able to reach more than 90% of the color gamut on a rec2020 target. And last but not least for this type of application, ROE Visual LED panels are able to work with higher frame rates. Due to new high frame-rate options in the software, ROE Visual LED panels can reach up to 144 frames per second.

Epic Games

"Since the technique of LED virtual production was explored and the first pioneering steps were taken, both Unreal Engine and ROE Visual have been involved. It really takes a team of passionate experts to make this technology work, because so many aspects are at play. More importantly though is the amazing working relationship we have with ROE Visual, so together we can experiment, discover and shift the boundaries ever further”.

Epic Games Ben Kidd

LED for film & Virtual production Case studies

ROE Visual Launches Obsidian—Its First ICVFX-Focused LED Panel

The film-centric panel, Obsidian, sets a new standard in virtual production technology, and has already garnered attention for its design, winning the iF Design Award 2024 and recently the Red Dot Award.


In April, KBS (the Korean Broadcasting System), the national broadcaster of South Korea, has successfully launched its next-generation XR Studio. KBS’s trusted partner, Ark Ventures, chose ROE Visual and Brompton Technology to cater for KBS’s high standards.

New ROE Visual Ruby LED Panels Presented at Hibino Open House

Hibino's dedicated VFX studio, built in partnership with ROE Visual, creates an excellent opportunity to work with virtual production techniques for Japan-based filmmakers and producers.

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Case Studies

Pixomondo and ROE Visual partner for one of the world's largest virtual production locations

Pixomondo and ROE Visual partner for one of the world's largest virtual production locations. ROE Visual has supplied the complete LED volume for Pixomondo's new virtual production flagship location in Toronto, Canada, comprising approximately 2000 Black Pearl BP2 V2 LED panels, and the LED ceiling consists of 750 Carbon Series CB5 LED panels.

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Wes Ball

“If the production involves a real-time LED wall, as a DP you’ll find plenty of new options for control over the image. Turnaround becomes far less time-consuming because rather than having to physically move the crew, actors, set pieces, and so on, you can just rotate the background scenery on the screen and be able to reset for a turnaround in moments instead of hours. This also means you can hold and control the time of day to any specific mood and color temperature you desire.”

Source: Fieldguide, Unreal Engine

Wes Ball

League of Legend goes Virtual with ROE Visual

ROE Visual Delivers 70 Million Pixels for Hyperbowl Virtual Showroom

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Acadamy Award winner Mank uses ROE Visual for Virtual Production Scenes

Acadamy Award winner Mank uses ROE Visual for Virtual Production Scenes

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Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens

Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens

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ROE Visual for NantStudios Virtual Production Campus

ROE Visual for NantStudios Virtual Production Campus

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