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Market Specific LED Products

Whatever your requirements are, we take pride in finding a suitable solution for you. Always. ROE Visual offers a broad range of LED products that are suited for a variety of applications and are used from film studios to boardrooms, from touring concerts to e-sports. Our experienced LED specialists to have in-depth knowledge of the specific applications and go the extra mile to find the LED products that suit your needs best.



Touring and Festivals

Take your LED on the road. ROE Visual has a range of robust LED products suitable for touring and festivals, in demanding and often outdoor conditions. Create LED walls, floors and stages to give the audience an unforgettable experience.

Virtual Stages and Film Studios

Are we to witness the end of the green-screen era? With its standard-sized LED panels, the ROE Visual LED products are perfectly suited for Virtual film studios or hybrid event environments.

Broadcast and TV Studios

Find LED based and future-proof solutions for Broadcast and TV Studio environments from ROE Visual

Fixed Installation

Looking for LED products for AV Integration or permanent installation? ROE Visual has a line of dedicated products for fixed installation projects in retail, hospitality or corporate markets.


Create Emotions. Superior LED screens that will bring your production to stage in an unforgettable setting.

House of Worship

Bring visuals that create emotions and inspire to connect. LED screens will engage the congregation and enhance your message.

Sports and Esports Events

Capture the moment. Live sports events, esports and games come to life with LED Display Solutions.

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