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Faber Audiovisuals Construct LED-Classed Stage for MTV EMA

Each year the MTV EMA Awards offer an excellent opportunity to go all out with the latest technologies and an elaborate stage design. For this years’ stage, Faber Audiovisuals, commissioned by Viacom International Media Networks, implemented the stage design by Julio Himede.

The MTV Europe Music Award (EMAs) are held every year in a different country, this year in Bilbao, Spain. The Award presentation ceremony, held on November 4th, featured performances by prominent artists like Little Mix, Nicki Minaj, Alessia Cara, Jason Derulo, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and Marshmello, in a dazzling decor on the central stage and four satellite stages.

"Running a complex production like this, it's good to have the expert knowledge of the manufacturer at hand"

For the live show, Faber Audiovisuals installed 870 square meters of LED screens and additional LED strips. Mounting the required LED panels to the designed stage structure proved to be a challenge for the technical crew.

"Designer Julio Himede was the creative brain behind this years' stage design," explains Steve Ackein, responsible project manager for Faber Audiovisuals. "This was the third year in a row that we work with him, again amazing us with his boundless creativity."

Himede designed a decor that connects a central stage with 4 catwalks and adjoining satellite stages. All these elements connect with a continuous flowing curve from ceiling to stage floor, highlighted with LED panels and LED strip. The complete supporting structure was specially designed to be able to mount all the LED and lighting equipment.

The ROE Visual Carbon series CB5 and CB3 offer excellent mounting options, in vertical as well as horizontal planes, so they were the perfect solution for this job. The ROE Visual LED Strips are a very versatile product, following the curved design with easy. The video mapping of the ROE Strips is really easy, making them a great product to use for these types of designs.

"Having the support of a ROE Visual engineer proved to be very helpful. Running a complex production like this, it's good to have the expert knowledge of the manufacturer at hand", states Ackein.

"We completed this one-off project in 8 days, with a 20-man crew, I'm really proud of the results", continues Ackein. "The build was completed on November 1st, leaving room for technical trial runs and rehearsals before the show was broadcasted live on November 4th."

"Each year the MTV EMAs exceeds all expectations and being part of that is very rewarding for everyone involved. Handling this project for the third time in a row shows we have our clients trust to be capable of taking up a challenge like this".

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Used products:
80 units ROE Strip
100 panels Carbon series CB5
45 panels Carbon series CB3
1000 panels MC 7HB

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