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ROE Visual

Diamond LED Screens Deliver the Perfect Canvas

ROE Visual LED for Virtual Production Discovery Days

Leek, The Netherlands (22 September 2021) – Long-standing ROE Visual client 80six, brought ROE Visual to the stage for their prestigious Virtual Production Discovery Days. The event responded to the great demand for information and knowledge on virtual production technology and techniques, which proved a roaring success. 


Hosted at 80six's Virtual Production Studio in Slough, the event allowed film and TV crew and production and post-production houses to experience the workflow and real-time technologies powering LED stages in a live and on-set setting. The top-rated sessions were quickly fully booked by VFX producers, Cinematographers, Film Producers, Film Directors, and Production Managers.  


Attendees were deep-diving into the world of virtual production. They experienced using LED screens for in-camera VFX hands-on, either with backplates shot on-location or by creating a unique environment in Unreal Engine.  Additionally, guests could discover how the camera and camera tracking systems integrated to produce final-pixel imagery, capturing the perfect look with the parallax effect. 


Event partners, ROE Visual; Brompton Technology; Cooke Optics; Mo-sys; 3LR Lighting, were present to support the respective products and technologies used in the production and answer any participants' questions. The video technology team of experts at 80six led each attending party through the process and the creative possibilities of shooting on LED and managedproject-related queries. The lively in-person event encouraged 1-on1 conversations between like-minded industry professionals, exchanging ideas and experiences. 


80six chose their inventory of ROE Visual Diamond DM2.6 LED wall for the event, measuring 18 x 4,5 m. The wall is used in combination with a Carbon series CB5 LED ceiling measuring 12 x 5,4 m. and CB5 LED panels on moving dollies for additional side lighting, all running on Brompton processing. David Morris, responsible for Business Developmentfor ROE Visual in the UK, was present at the event to answer all LED-related questions. "It's motivating to see the profound interest from this dedicated group of participants. 80six did a great job organizing this event, reaching out to key persons in the film industry. For ROE Visual, it's a unique opportunity to speak directly with potential users and gather useful feedback". 

The current waiting list for the event strongly indicates virtual production is a hot topic. 80-six are already planning to repeat the event, which is now scheduled for January 2022. 

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