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Creating Dynamic LED-Based Visuals

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Immerse your audience with dynamic visuals with Apsaras.
Apsaras is a revolutionary combination of motion control and LED elements designed to transform your stage performances, hospitality areas, and art studios into captivating experiences.

Apsaras, inspired by the graceful celestial dancers of Hindu mythology, gracefully moves LED elements above the stage, unlocking a new dimension of visual creativity.

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winch with triangle panels
Apsaras elements

Seamless Integration

Pushing the boundaries of visual expression, Apsaras will become available with other creative LED elements. Apsaras offers endless possibilities of moving visual displays that can transform any space and expand your creative toolkit.



As a provider of intelligent stage technology solutions, HyperFusion has decades of experience in motion mechanism technology and has been involved in notable projects, such as Jay Chow's Concert Tour and the Olympic Games Center. Combining HyperFusion's expertise with ROE Visual's creative LED products makes Apsaras a high-quality motion system with dazzling visual effects.






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Art Space

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