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The VP LAB Madrid – A Virtual Production Showcase

ROE Visual, ARRI, and DRAGO Show Innovation for Film

Leek, The Netherlands (28 October 2022) - Combining their forces, ROE Visual, ARRI, La Bicicleta, Drago, disguise, Evertz, and BVS, showcased a Virtual Production Stage for ICVFX in Madrid under the direction of Ignacio Feced.

The VP Lab performed an advanced showcase with its partners, bringing together world-leading companies in virtual production technology. The mutual goal was to boost familiarity with this new technology, creating a platform for knowledge sharing and educational purposes.

The state-of-the-art Virtual Production showcase was held at the Drago studios in Madrid. ROE Visual provided a LED wall of Black Pearl BP2V2. "It's by far the most successful LED wall for this technology," states Feced, "The quality, features, and accuracy of the ROE Visual LED panels just give you that bit extra you need when shooting in front of an LED wall."

ARRI provided lighting and camera technology solutions, delivering film-approved gear on the set and all the extra tools required. At the same time, disguise offered a media server and render nodes. The VP Lab headed the virtual production supervision and TD, the Unreal management, camera tracking, and all equipment required on the brain bar. La Bicicleta was responsible for the complete production of the set and test shoot.

For the duration of the showcase, the participants could engage in discussions on color management, how to use the different render nodes, the difference between using green screens or LED walls in real-time for principal photography, and much more.

"Democratizing the use of virtual production tools is a first step on the road to adapting them in the regular productions and workflow pipelines that The VP Lab has selected," states Feced. "We're premiering virtual production technology for Spain, and we're aware that we need to get the knowledge across first."

The VP Lab is a recently established company that focuses on virtual production technology for film. The company delivers services for film production and leads a venture between the top suppliers for virtual production. An indispensable part of this is the LED wall. Having an LED wall with 100% accuracy is a must for ICVFX. "It's all about the performance and how it's captured through the camera," Ignacio Feced, CEO at THE VP LAB, states. "For us, this is definitely ROE Visual. Their LED wall delivers a perfect and flawless LED canvas".

"The well-visited showcase and the test production shot on-site are both excellent examples of the potential that the virtual production ICVFX pipeline created offers," comments Erik Baum, responsible for Business Development for ROE Visual. "Through this showcase, we're able to open doors in Spain to explore this technology further, either in small-scale or massive environments."

"The opportunity to work with such talented teams and advanced technology is here, and I'm sure new productions will adopt these tools. I'm curious to see how our industry will evolve using this state-of-the-art technology", concludes Feced.

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