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Myreze Revolutionizes eSports Production with Cutting-Edge GhostFrame Technologie

The groundbreaking multi-camera production has been nominated for two Emmy Sports award

Myreze made history with a groundbreaking multi-camera XR LED wall production for The International 11 Dota 2 Championships in 2022. Equipped with GhostFrame™ technology, they used three live cameras to create an immersive production unlike anything before. The production has been nominated for two Emmy Sports awards.

Building on their Emmy award-winning success at The International 10, Myreze continued their partnership with Valve to produce and internationally broadcast the analyst set and remote AR graphics for The International 11. The championship's finale took place at the Singapore Indoor Arena, with the simultaneous international broadcast of the analyst set in Oslo, Norway.

Myreze delivered a multi-camera XR LED wall production with GhostFrame. Virtual Pixotope engines were used to seamlessly integrate virtual environments, AR graphics, and XR set extensions. The ROE Visual BP2V2 LED wall, supplied by CT Norway, showcased multiple video feeds simultaneously. Thanks to the GhostFrame technology on the Megapixel VR Helios LED processors, the 3 cameras were able to individually capture a different hidden feed, enabling viewers to witness multiple virtual environments on the screen.


This groundbreaking approach allowed one virtual environment to be displayed on the ROE Visual LED wall, while other cameras captured different virtual environments simultaneously. In addition, GhostFrame's hidden integrated tracking pattern on the LED wall contributed to the displaying of the AR heroes on the main stage, as Myreze used onsite services of Pixotope together with Mo-sys tracking.

This is the first time a 3-camera virtual LED studio with tracking has been used for eSports coverage. The combined technology resulted in extremely accurate keying, improved light reflection and most importantly – A much more immersive experience for the audience. This is a huge upgrade from our production from International 10, where the analyst studio segments were shot entirely in green screen.

The collaboration among Myreze, Valve Corporation, Pixotope, and GhostFrame™ was instrumental in successfully implementing and synchronizing these innovative technologies. GhostFrame is proud to be part of this exceptional production, elevating eSports broadcasting to new heights.


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