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A Look Back at Extended Reality Technologies with XR Studios

Highlighting the developing use of LED displays in live entertainment, ROE Visual looks back at five extended-reality (XR) projects created with XR Studios. The technology-focused digital production company utilizes ROE Visual LED technology on its fully-equipped volumes at the XR Studios Hollywood Campus – their flagship location based in Los Angeles, California. The two companies have enjoyed a solid relationship together over the years, each developing new, innovative production workflows and techniques as the ever-changing landscape of XR has excitingly transformed.

Creating envelope-pushing mixed reality projects, XR Studios caters to a diverse subset of clients in various industries, including music, E-sports, broadcast, streaming, and more. The XR Studios Hollywood Campus is a hub for immersive technology and features a two-stage setup equipped with cutting-edge LED creative display products from ROE Visual.

xr-studios-stageXR Studios Stage in Los Angeles / XR Studios

Amid the growing XR scene, there has been an impetus for more studios to offer virtual reality capabilities. XR Studios has met that need with its full-service offerings and LED stages made of BP2V2 LED panels for the curved walls and Black Marble (BM4) panels for the interactive stage. This ROE Visual LED technology creates the perfect canvas for XR technologies to shine.


XR Studios Stage / XR Studios

The gradual foray into virtual production has been an explorative process for not only the LED manufacturer but the industry as a whole. Before securing credits in film & television, ROE Visual primarily featured in concert touring and live events. However, not all advancements in technology are staying in their original pedigree. The projects coming out of XR Studios have proved that mixed reality techniques aren’t exclusive to the silver screen.


Katy Perry's American Idol performance

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, many artists and production teams looked for virtual means to create jaw-dropping performances. One of the first notable examples was pop singer Katy Perry’s “Daisies” performance for the American Idol finale in May of 2020.

katy-perry-american-idolKaty Perry American Idol performance / XR Studios

Produced by XR Studios, the show featured a vibrant virtual environment unfolding around the artist – all created using mixed reality. Due to technological innovations like camera tracking, set extension, and high-definition LED displays, Perry was not only able to locate her position within the digital environment as she performed, she was able to interact with the visual elements as well. This performance was the tipping point for live entertainment and the birth of XR Studios, founded by live entertainment experts who have worked for decades in the music industry with globally renowned artists. This performance broke down the traditionally-rigid boundaries of broadcast and showcased to many live entertainment professionals what could be achieved using XR.

katy-perry-american-idol-finaleKaty Perry performance / XR Studios

Perry would later adopt a similar style of performance with her Las Vegas residency “Katy Perry: PLAY” at the Resorts World Theatre. ROE Visual was again incorporated into the stage with a BP2V2 canvas highlighting the singer's larger-than-life theming. 

Twitch GlitchCon

In November 2020, the popular live-streaming video platform Twitch hosted GlitchCon from the XR Studios stage. Presented as an online alternative to its semi-annual TwitchCon convention, the show made the most of pandemic restrictions by gathering streamers around the globe online, in real-time. With an audience demographic in livestreaming and gaming, it was important for the event to feature captivating graphics which could be captured in-camera. With a 2.84 mm pixel pitch and high refresh rate, the BP2V2 panels proved the perfect solution.

twitchcon-stageTwitchCon Stage / XR Studios

A particular challenge for the live broadcast event was piecing in pre-existing video feeds seamlessly together with the rendered graphics. The real-time gameplay and live-streamed interviews needed to coexist in a way that felt like a single broadcast. Through real-time technology and mixed reality, the global livestream was knit together in a visually stimulating way with the use of XR Studios' virtual screens. GlitchCon conveyed the ability for live broadcasts to feature XR practices in E-sports and livestream events.

twitchcon-2022-hostsTwitchCon live event / XR Studios

Kid Cudi for Amazon Prime Day

In connection with the three-part Amazon special, Prime Day Show, artist Kid Cudi performed an out-of-this-world routine with the help of XR technology. The hip-hop/rap artist sang his hit “Pursuit of Happiness” for the online retailer’s annual Prime Day savings event in 2021. But instead of fully relying on CGI in post-production to generate the scene, Cudi’s creative team sought out XR Studios to create a cinematic experience for at-home audiences.

kid-cudi-amazon-prime-dayKid Cudi Prime Day Show performance / XR Studios

The premise of Cudi’s musical experience is an intergalactic adventure to the surface of the moon. The singer is depicted voyaging through the galaxy in a full space suit, with the glow of Earth below him. The singer encounters a series of engaging scenes on his mission to the moon, eventually being joined by the International Space Orchestra.

amazon-prime-day-space-orchestraAmazon Prime Day Show performers / XR Studios

Due to the intergalactic theme, many scenes depicted open space. Historically, LED panels have trouble casting true-to-color black. However, the space scenes, specifically the ones where Cudi is floating in the abyss, present with rich colors. This technical performance is in part due to the BP2V2 panel’s excellent black levels and high contrast ratio.

Camila Cabello’s ‘Familia: Welcome to the Family’ Tik Tok Concert

To debut her latest album, mega popstar Camila Cabello turned to XR for an unforgettable live experience. Titled ‘Familia: Welcome to the Family,’ the livestream featured six tracks from her Familia album. In taking a page out of the unconventional, Cabello streamed the entire appearance exclusively for the popular social video platform, Tik Tok.

camila-cabello-familiaCamila Cabello live Tik Tok performance / XR Studios

Shot at XR Studios, Cabello brought an elaborate entourage to the stage, including her dancers, musicians, and props to nail the artistic vision for the performance. Each song included a unique feel and theme to the performance, with costume changes, fresh graphics, and intricate dance performances. And because the concert took place with LED technology, everything was blended flawlessly on a live stage.

camila-cabello-tik-tokCamila Cabello performs on the XR Studios stage / XR Studios

Set extension techniques and interactive AR features are just a couple of the ground-breaking technologies used to bring all the visually stimulating scenes to Tik Tok audiences. XR elements throughout the concert heightened the interactivity for the performers and audience at home. The live broadcast debuted on April 7, 2022, with subsequent rebroadcasts in the following days.

Porter Robinson's Behind-the-Scenes of “Everything Goes On” for Riot Games

In celebration of the release of “Everything Goes On,” artist Porter Robinson filmed a behind-the-scenes video detailing his creative process. The special features the DJ-turned-electronic artist as he walks viewers through a dream-like virtual environment at XR Studios. The stage is interactive, with Robinson engaging with various elements and props.

porter-robinson-riot-gamesPorter Robinson interacts with virtual props on the XR Studios stage / XR Studios

One of the many draws to LED panels on set, and how they became so popular in XR projects, is their ability to cast accurate lighting. In one scene, Robinson is shown performing a portion of “Everything Goes On” on a piano on the VP stage. Despite being a physical object in an augmented environment, the lighting and reflections blend seamlessly into the scene, blurring the lines between reality and virtual. Robinson is transported into the soft color and tones of the scenes because of this technology.

porter-robinson-league-of-legendsPorter Robinson / XR Studios

The track was used for the official music video for League of Legends’ Star Guardian 2022 event by Riot Games. The in-game event lasted for a limited time for players, starting in July 2022.

porter-robinson-star-guardianBehind-the-scenes with Porter Robinson / XR Studios

About ROE Visual
Founded in 2006, ROE Visual manufactures unrivaled, award-winning LED display technology for a broad range of applications, including film & television, theatre, live events, touring, corporate, and many more. ROE Visual's products live up to the exacting demands of the industries’ creatives and technologists. The company offers expert knowledge in LED display technology and extensive support on a global scale through its American, European, Japanese, and China-based teams.

About XR Studios
XR Studios is a cutting-edge digital production company specializing in immersive technology for entertainment. Known for producing Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) workflow solutions, XR Studios executes innovative experiences for some of the most renowned artists and brands across the globe. From concept to completion, XR Studios is a premier, full-service solutions provider led by a network of creatives and industry leaders at the core of mixed reality technology for broadcast, live, and virtual productions. 

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