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Veles Performs Election Night On TVP with ROE Visual

Leek, The Netherlands (22 April 2024) – ROE Visual takes pride in its integral role in Veles Productions' ground-breaking LED-based Virtual Productions during the 2023 Polish Election night. As the preferred LED screen provider for the studio, ROE Visual's Ruby RB1.9BV2 panels contributed to creating a captivating and seamless virtual environment for TVP viewers.

The 2023 Polish election night, broadcasted live by national television in Poland Telewizja Polska, marked a significant milestone in television production, with an ambitious 10-hour marathon pushing innovation's boundaries. From noon on election Sunday, 15 October 2023, to the early hours of the next day, viewers were treated to a dynamic and immersive viewing experience.

Veles Productions, known for its Virtual Production (VP) expertise, seamlessly integrated LED technology into this live broadcast media production. The studio was equipped with an ROE Visual video wall featuring Ruby RB1.9BV2 panels, renowned for their unbeaten on-camera performance and compatibility with cutting-edge technologies like GhostFrame. The innovative VP technology eliminated the need for physical set constructions, significantly reducing production costs while enhancing visual quality.

The Election Night project was spearheaded by Veles Productions' expert team, with support from leading manufacturing partners in the industry. Martynian Rozwadowski led the project, orchestrating the integration of crucial technologies to ensure seamless operation. Additionally, Jose Barbella's architectural designs for the virtual set were instrumental in crafting lifelike and captivating environments for the show, showcasing his proficiency in both real and virtual set design.

ROE Visual's Ruby RB1.9BV2 panels served as an impressive backdrop, elevating the lighting and visual appeal for presenters and guests, ensuring a captivating broadcast experience. Engineered for high performance, the RB1.9BV2 boasts a remarkable refresh rate of 7680Hz. It supports framerates of up to 450fps, making it an ideal choice for multi-camera virtual production alongside innovative GhostFrame technology. While the panel can display up to four video signals at 50fps, achieving 200fps, the additional framerate enhances the naked-eye performance, providing a seamless, flicker-free experience for crew and presenters alike in a situation where only a single background is visible, but where in reality multiple videos are displayed at nearly the same time to give each camera its own perspective.

"Providing a stable and secure technical environment is paramount for enabling broadcast clients to produce high-quality content"

Olaf Sperwer, Business Development Manager for Virtual Production at ROE Visual, highlights the significance of having dedicated perspectives for multiple cameras on LED screens. He emphasizes that this capability allows for seamless preview of various camera angles and facilitates safe camera switches in live broadcasts. Sperwer emphasizes ROE Visual's commitment to rigorous testing of these workflows to ensure flawless integration with the complete technical ecosystem, thereby delivering optimal performance for clients like Veles. Providing a stable and secure technical environment is paramount for enabling clients to produce high-quality content.

Vizrt's revolutionary system, VizArc, masterfully handled election data and graphics integration. This setup provided dynamic, real-time updates, CGI-based AR elements, and full-screen visualizations of the election data, enhancing the night's narrative quickly and efficiently.

The Veles team used the Stypeland system from stYpe to create a seamless and accurate integration between the LED wall, virtual set, and set extension. At the same time, spatial color correction seamlessly blended the colors between the two, ensuring that the transitions between the virtual set on the LED wall and the virtual set on set extension were indistinguishable to viewers.

The 10-hour live broadcast demonstrated that TVP's choice to work within a virtual production-based setting could create an impressive virtual venue and contribute to sustainable practices by drastically reducing the need for disposable physical sets. The Veles team played a crucial role in pulling this all off successfully!

The success of the Election Night project underscores ROE Visual's commitment to delivering cutting-edge LED solutions that elevate the production value of live events and broadcast media.

As a trusted partner, ROE Visual continues to push the boundaries of innovation, driving the evolution of the entertainment industry.

Original source: Artur Paprocki, CEO at Veles Productions.


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