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The Pixel Hospital

The Pixel Hospital Appointed as a Certified LED Repair Center

London, UK (February 19, 2024) – ROE Visual is delighted to announce the appointment of The Pixel Hospital as the new certified LED repair center in the UK, catering to our valued UK-based customers. This strategic move aims to provide enhanced service options and minimize downtime for our customers' LED panels.

The addition of The Pixel Hospital complements its existing certified repair center, Z-LED, in Isleworth, offering UK customers the flexibility to choose between two expert repair facilities. This dual-center approach aims to streamline repair processes, reducing the complexity and time associated with shipping goods back and forth.

Dik Welland, the owner and founder of The Pixel Hospital, emphasizes the high standards and rigorous testing procedures followed. He states, "The Pixel Hospital holds itself to the highest standards, conducting thorough soak testing of repairs. Each module undergoes a two-hour soak test to identify faulty LEDs and masks that are incorrectly fitted or not sitting flat. Our target customers include LED screen owners without repair capabilities and larger rental houses seeking additional repair capacity."

In July 2023, The Pixel Hospital moved to new premises and now has far more space incorporating a linear layout from goods in, through to repair and soak test, to goods out. With about 1000 modules per month passing through their facility, robust procedures ensure the process runs efficiently.

The Pixel Hospital's services include the retention of warranty and continued guarantee for repaired ROE Visual LED products. The repair center exclusively uses original ROE Visual spare parts, accessories, and LEDs from the original LED batches of the panel, ensuring impeccable repairs that meet our customers' high expectations.

By offering two certified repair centers in the UK, ROE Visual aims to provide a convenient and efficient solution for LED panel repairs, supporting individual owners and larger rental houses with repair facilities.

For inquiries and repair requests, you can contact The Pixel Hospital directly. Alternatively, you can contact the ROE Visual UK team.

Contact details:
The Pixel Hospital Ltd.
Phone: +44 117 203 2116
Address: 5 Fernhurst Road, Speedwell, Bristol BS5 7FG


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