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The 2017 Review of ROE Projects at Sport Events

The 2017 Review of ROE Projects at Sport Events

The application of LED display is being more and more popular in the market. One the one hand, it is the influence of modern media which makes advertising being more important. On the other hand, LED display technology is becoming more mature. Many customized and functional LED displays have come into being, which makes many applications from virtual world to reality. LED display has also become an indispensable configuration for major stadiums and events. ROE shining at many sports events by its customized products and its hard power.

Due to the unique environment of major stadiums, the LED displays they used are different from other displays no matter in manufacture or in use. Most of Stadium LED displays, which have to meet the fence, lifting and stacking installation, are mainly based on major open-air stadium design. Those LED displays not only need to show real-time timing and score of the game, but also meet the demand of high-definition broadcast. And the Vanish and MC series of ROE can well meet the above needs.

The most classic case of ROE 2017 sports events is Australian Open. There was a ring LED display consist of ROE MC5H which has the features of easy installation and easy maintenance in the stadium. It also has high brightness and a wide color gamut, such a comprehensive LED display can meet stadiums’ requirement. The total area of this ring LED display is 500sqm, encircling the entire tennis court, the high-definition display makes the contents become rich. In addition, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017 is also used MC series.

Astralian Open 2016-MC5H

In addition to the Australian Open, the other equally noteworthy is WrestleMania 33 at Camping World Stadium. This wrestling often selects the mega-stadiums as their hosting place and the new record number of visitors to the 32nd WrestleMania has also been set, with a total of 101,763 attendants. The requirement of LED display is also extremely strict in such a grand sport event. ROE’s MC7, MC12, Vanish and T4 were used in this WrestleMania. On the ground, there are 10 columns made up of ROE’s Vanish on both sides of the Earth model. Although the overall picture is separated, the overall performance of the content make audience feel a sense of shock and visual impact rather than discontinuous. Additionally, the access channel is also built by ROE T4 frame, a total of 520. The perfect combination of frame and display provides better protection and safety to display. That 360-degree ring display at the main venue is built by MC7H which also belongs to ROE, and the HD display effect and no dead angle also experience the visual for this game.

Wrestle Mania 2017-MC7H,MC12H,Vanish 25 (Orlando, Florida) 5

Since ROE's establishment, ROE is always trying to develop new products to meet the needs of different clients, and strive to design the most fitted products for high-tech fields. In the following journey, ROE will still keep their heart, and step forward. Your Stage, Our Passion.

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