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Take 2 studio

Take 2 Creates Cutting-Edge Virtual Production Studio with ROE Visual

Leek, The Netherlands (15 June 2023) - Take 2 Studios, the brand-new creative studio aiming to be the leading creative XR studio known for its exceptional virtual production services, proudly announces installing an ROE Visual Black Pearl LED wall, enhancing their state-of-the-art studio infrastructure.

As the go-to studio for anyone seeking to elevate their projects through the benefits of virtual production, Salzburg-based Take 2 is dedicated to delivering immersive and captivating experiences from conception to realization. By incorporating ROE Visual's cutting-edge technology, the studio is firmly positioned to lead the virtual production industry in Austria and set to elevate standards for quality and innovation.

Siblings Felix and Viktoria Brandstetter install the Black Pearl LED wall.

The Take 2 Studios complex consists of 2 studios, both instrumental in bringing the clients' VP ideas to fruition. Studio 1 now houses an ROE Visual LED volume and is the core of Take 2. Next to that, the studio complex offers a large cyclorama wall, several hospitality areas, and plenty of parking.

Take 2 Studios was born from a passion for creative, innovative, collaborative, and multidisciplinary projects backed by state-of-the-art virtual production technology.

 Take 2 derives from the two founders behind the studio: multidisciplinary creatives and siblings Felix and Viktoria Brandstetter. Each working independently in their respective areas, they often collaborated on the same projects, equipped with complementary skillsets. When the opportunity arrived to founding their studio, Felix and Viktoria didn't think twice—bringing years of experience in film, real-time technologies, graphic design, and marketing together in Take 2 studios.

ROE Visual is renowned for its exceptional LED displays and solutions that offer unrivaled visual performance, reliability, and flexibility. The Black Pearl BP2V2 product line is famous for its seamless image quality, exceptional color reproduction, and versatile configurations, making it the ideal choice for the demanding requirements of virtual production.

Installing the BP2V2 wall

Support Engineer Meint Gerding explains how to install the BP2V2 LED wall.

With the installation of ROE Visual BP2V2 products, Take 2 is primed to offer its clients an unparalleled virtual production experience. The studio's expert team can now leverage the precise color reproduction and superior image quality of ROE Visual displays to create stunning virtual environments, seamlessly merging real and virtual worlds in a visually cohesive manner.

"We chose the ROE Visual LED panels because of their exceptional image quality, versatility, and one-of-a-kind support"

"We chose the ROE Visual LED panels because of their exceptional image quality, versatility, and one-of-a-kind support. Paired with the unparalleled Mo-Sys tracking system and a Pixera media server, we are certain that we invested in the perfect tools for our projects in the years to come, making complex set-ups easy to handle", states Felix Brandstetter.

"Our main focus is to create compelling storytelling aided by excellent image quality. Our drive is to make this technology more accessible to smaller productions that would otherwise not be able to profit from this kind of technology", adds Viktoria.

"By integrating ROE Visual BP2V2 products into our studio, we have significantly enhanced our virtual production capabilities," says Felix. "We are excited to offer our clients the exceptional visual quality of the ROE Visual products. The versatility and reliability align perfectly with our commitment to delivering the highest standards of creativity and innovation."

Education and sustainability take the front seat at Take 2. Take 2 enables the next generation of filmmakers to discover the incredible possibilities of VP by adding hands-on VP experience into the curriculum of the local creative arts students. The Take 2 studios aim to be 100% powered by renewable energy in 2024 and partner in a localmaterial reuse network for all its productions. 

"Propelled by a team of creative thinkers and problem-solvers, Take 2 has the tools, technology, and expertise to build a community of filmmakers and creatives, bringing Salzburg into the heart of filmmaking", comments Olaf Sperwer, responsible for Business Development in Virtual production for ROE Visual, it's great to see our products in the hands of such an enthusiastic team."

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Products used:
ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2
HELIOS LED processing
Pixera 4
Mo-Sys tracking
Blackmagic URSA camera
StageSmart power distribution

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