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SITE V Studio Pioneers Virtual Production with ROE Visual

Tokyo, Japan (June 2024) G-WORKS (CEO Kenji Yoshikawa), a Japanese creative company, will unveil the Site V virtual production studio on June 12. This new virtual production-orientated studio, one of the largest in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, has invested in a ROE Visual LED volume to meet the growing demand of the Japanese creative industry.

Ark Ventures Japan, specializing in virtual production solution integration, provided a comprehensive setup for the Site V studio, including an LED volume based on ROE Visual Ruby RB2.6F and Carbon5 MarkII (CB5MKII) LED panels, Brompton LED processing, Mo-Sys camera tracking system, Disguise media servers, and an Unreal Engine platform.

"Virtual Production (VP) is rapidly emerging as an essential technology in the global creative industry," says Shinya Tanigawa, COO at Ark Ventures Japan. "VP has become a crucial filming method in Hollywood, leveraging LED displays' exceptional quality and scale to facilitate time- and cost-efficient production."

The Site V studio boasts a stunning main LED wall featuring Ruby RB2.6F. Its immaculate mechanics create a seamless LED wall with exceptional image quality and color accuracy. The LED panels' high refresh rate makes it the ideal solution for in-camera use. The studio's ceiling and side fills are based on Carbon CB5MKII.

"We are thrilled to collaborate closely with Ark Ventures on this project," says Teppei Shuhama, VP for ROE Visual Japan. "Following its inception in the film industry, virtual production technology is now being adopted for broadcast and commercial shoots. As we look forward to the promising future of virtual production, we remain dedicated to helping high-end visual creators bring their ideas to life."

The opening of the SITE V studio is celebrated on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The week following the official opening, the studio will open its doors for a series of unique demonstrations.


678-1 Kamibayashi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 761-0302 Japan

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