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ROE Visual Supports Billie Eilish ‘Happier Than Ever’ World Tour

Chatsworth, USA (May 2022)  – The Billie Eilish ‘Happier Than Ever’ World Tour is on its way. Featuring ROE Visual panels, the amazing stage covered with LED screens added highlights to the performance and presented superior visuals. The incredible tour impressed all the audiences with the perfect integration of lighting art, excellent singing and attractive video content.

The fabulous show is a balancing act to blend the technology that blankets this immersive experience. Knowing Billie’s new album Happier Than Ever travels through many different musical styles, the Lighting Designer Ben Dalgleish and his team created a unique and flexible stage design in which everything would be covered with LED screens.

Lighting is very important for the stage. A large flown diamond was placed as a main lighting feature. To get a perfect vision of lighting, they also had automated trusses inside this diamond that could change the shape of the whole stage by flying in and out. The lighting and LED screens complimented each other very well.

The artist would move along with the lighting and automation in the background of massive video screens, and the video content would play a large role in the show. Therefore, the designer chose to use a transparent LED Wall as one of the main features of the production design.

ROE Vanish 8T LED screen offers outstanding performance. The transparency of the Vanish 8 LED panels, provided by PRG, allowed the team to create lighting looks from behind the “wall”. Apart from the ROE Visual Vanish 8T LED screens, CB5 and CB8 LED screens have also been employed in the production design. Vanish 8T and Carbon series LED panels are the perfect solutions for touring, sports, concerts or events applications. ROE Visual panels have been chosen for many other remarkable activities like Justin Bieber’s Justice Tour, the Killers concert in Mexico City and Stormzy Tour.

The Lighting Designer Ben Dalgleish claimed that Billie’s show was a really great taste of things to come going into this year and the headline tour. ROE Visual is glad that their products added some brilliance to the show. ROE Visual team is looking forward to being involved in more great activities and events.

Products: CB5, CB8, Vanish 8T

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