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ROE Visual supplies China's largest LED screen for Wuxi

Wuxi, CHINA (June 2023) – Wuxi Studio has recently launched the largest LED volume for film in China. Aiming to bring state-of-the-art virtual production technologies to China, the China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology (CRIFST) team has selected ROE Visual to provide a LED-based solution for Wuxi Studios.

Wuxi Studios, China's most significant national digital film park, has selected the ROE Visual Black Pearl screen to build its main LED volume. The semi-circular volume measures a stunning 44m wide and has a height of 10m, totaling to 1,760 pcs of Black Pearl BP2V2 LED panels, running on Brompton LED processing.

The Black Pearl BP2V2 is regarded as the golden standard for virtual production technology due to its accurate color display, stable performance, and great visuals. The BP2V2 has proven its worth in many well-known overseas studio complexes, such as the Pixomondo Studios and the recently opened Nant Studios.

"The installation comprises an integrated high-tech project, combining an LED volume used in virtual production technology for film, a 5G network transmission system, and artificial intelligence. The installation of this LED volume outlines the virtual production standard and marks a significant step forward in China's virtual filming technology," stated Wei Zhang, Director of CRIFST.

"Trying to find the best solution for Wuxi Studios, we looked to LED panels that had the best specifications for the client's requirements," states Chen Zhu, COO of ROE Visual. “We delivered an LED panel that could perform on 16bit color depth, enabling endless shades of grey, outstanding color accuracy, and a refresh rate of 7680 Hz, minimizing artifacts".

“As our longest standing panel manufacturing partner, ROE shares our commitment to providing exceptional quality in both products and services. It's exciting to witness our joint continued success, not only in the US and Europe, but also in China and the rest of the APAC region. We are proud to supply the power behind the ROE screens at Wuxi Studios and eagerly anticipate numerous future success stories like this one,” - says Elijah Ebo, APAC Director of Operations.

The director of TimeAxis follows, “The bond between TimeAxis and ROE Visual, built from Hengdian World Studios and Born to Fly, is growing deeper and stronger with the mutual success of the Wuxi project. It is always a pleasant experience to work with ROE Visual. ROE’s panels, specially made for film and studio applications, keep playing an indispensable role in the virtual production studios that we provide to our customers.”

With the completion of this LED volume, Wuxi Studios sees a sharp rise in booking requests for their studio. STELLAR ECHO, is the first creative project to be shot in this fantastic LED volume.

ROE Visual is proud to be part of this project. Always on the lookout to improve its products and services, the ROE Visual team will strengthen its collaboration with Chinese production teams and hopes to contribute to enhancing film technology in China.

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