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LED stage

ROE Visual LED Selected for Nordisk Film ShortCut LED Stage

Nordisk Film Shortcut And Creative Technology Create a 360-degree LED Stage

Leek, the Netherlands (20 May 2022) – In collaboration with Creative Technology (CT), Nordisk Film Shortcut is creating the first full 360° LED stage in the Nordics, moving the future of film productions to the heart of Nordisk Film. The cutting-edge studio will open for content productions in August 2022. Equipped with a state-of-the-art ROE Visual LED volume, the film studio will offer film and TV producers new options to optimize their production workflow, creating flexible and cost-effective shooting solutions.

Nordisk Film ShortCut is one of the leading post-production facilitators in Scandinavia. The clients' ambition was to create the first VP volume in the Nordics, delivering top tier photorealistic quality VP productions primarily for the film sector. By investing in a complete 360° LED stage, leading Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film is taking a giant technological stride that will give film and TV more and new creative opportunities to tell world-class stories.

Based on their initial technical brief, comprising a 16m. diameter LED volume of 5,5m. high, with an additional LED ceiling and LED requirements that stated 10bit, low latency mode, HDR optimized, wide viewing angle, low reflection and deep blacks as essential parameters, the client was invited to the ROE Visual Europe Office in Leek. Here they could execute some extensive testing, including camera tests. During their visit, the team also tested the GhostFrame technology. From the start, it was evident that the studio should have the ability to adapt to this latest technology in virtual production.

Located at Nordisk Film's historical Valby headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Shortcut team used the experience of Video specialist Rune Ratting and the team at Creative Technology to install the LED volume for this 360-degree studio. CT advised ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 for the LED wall, combined with an LED ceiling from Carbon CB5 LED panels. Both the LED wall and ceiling are powered by HELIOS LED processing, enabling the future implementation of the GhostFrame technology.

"Nordisk Film ShortCut aims to be at the forefront of providing the latest technological options. Virtual Production, which blends digital virtual worlds with on-set footage, will be an important tool for the film and TV industry. High demand from global streaming services is bringing big-budget genre productions to the Nordic region. There is a general desire in the local film and TV production community to push the boundaries regarding what is technologically and creatively possible," commented Rikke Crosby, CEO of Nordisk Film ShortCut.

"At a time when the soaring global demand for content is challenging the production sector, the LED stage will offer new possibilities for producers. We are impressed by the performance of the ROE Visual LED products."

"Nordisk Film ShortCut has spent the past five to ten years creating various stunning worlds and visual effects for films and series, for example, for Netflix. That means we have acquired in-depth knowledge of VFX work and Virtual Production. We understand the possibilities a LED scene provides and how it can be used creatively. We can serve as a strong sounding board and advisor for ambitious production companies and filmmakers".

"At a time when the soaring global demand for content is challenging the production sector, the LED stage will offer new possibilities for producers," states Martin Madsen, senior VFX supervisor at Nordisk Film Shortcut, "We are impressed by the performance of the ROE Visual LED products. Using our360 degree LED volume, we will be able to reproduce complex scenarios realistically. The stable performance of the LED panels and their exceptional colour accuracy will translate into the quality of our  productions."

"Virtual Production has taken off globally. ROE Visual, bringing advanced LED innovations to this field, is thrilled to be part of this," comments Grace Kuo, Sales Director of ROE Visual, "It's exciting to participate in this project, bringing virtual production technology to Denmark. We can't wait to see future projects shot in this advanced LED stage."

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About Creative Technology:
As part of NEP Group, Creative Technology is one of the world's leading suppliers of specialist AV technology to live, virtual & hybrid events within the corporate, entertainment, and sports industries. All teams support clients around the world with 34 offices in 18 countries. 
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About Nordisk Film Shortcut:
With roots extending back to 1906 when film producer Ole Olsen founded the first film company in the world – Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film ShortCut was founded in 1991, and today they are one of the leading post-production facilitators in Scandinavia. ShortCut is a one-stop post-production house with the technology and know-how to bring your footage to cinema and television screens.  A long roster of titles includes work by internationally acclaimed directors, including BAFTA nominee Nikolaj Arcel, two-time Academy Award nominee Joshua Oppenheimer, two-time BAFTA nominee Thomas Vinterberg, Academy Award winner Bille August, two-time Palme d'Or nominee Nicolas Winding Refn, Academy Award nominee and Palme d'Or winner Lars von Trier and most recent Academy Award nominee Martin Zandvliet.
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