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ROE Visual Launches the Opal LED Platform

Expanding Creative Design in LED for AV Integration

Shenzhen, China (February 2022) – ROE Visual is proud to launch the Opal LED platform. Opal is a new product series for AV Integration, aiming to provide designers and clients with a creative and versatile LED platform that accommodates indoor and outdoor applications. This spring, the Opal platform will be showcased at several tradeshows globally, such as the NAB and ISE.

The Freedom to Create:The design of the Opal series initially started with the concept of building blocks and the construction of new display configurations. The Opal panels allow for more creative installation possibilities sporting panel dimensions of 300x300mm and 300x600mm. Based on different modules, Opal allows flexible designs and building screens in almost any shape and size desired, reducing customization costs and time spent.

Furthermore, placing the Opal LED modules in any environment is possible using the Opal Frames for wall mounting or the additional hanging and stacking options. In this way, creativity and imagination can run free, resulting in a more immersive final product.

Intuitive Installation:The installation process of the Opal series is as thoughtfully designed as the display itself; easy handling, efficient installing, and display stability were key attention points in the development process of the series. Opal is a versatile LED platform conceptualized to facilitate out-of-the-box designs. The universal Opal frames, suited for in-as well as outdoor applications, are deliverable in various dimensions, perfect for installation in horizontal and vertical planes. Due to high-precision engineering and manufacturing, the resulting canvas is always perfectly aligned, seamless and meticulously flat.

Unparalleled Visual Effects: ROE Visual developed the Opal LED platform to create an impressive visual performance. Opal’s high contrast ratio and wide color gamut deliver an unmatched color accuracy, while common cathode technology guarantees 25% energy reduction and a stable, color-consistent LED performance. EMC Class-B certified, Opal offers the certainty of a reliable and first-in-class product, even under demanding circumstances.

With consideration to all the features above, the Opal series is a power player in the AV space. The innovative, fine pixel pitch LED display offers the optimal LED solution with maximum flexibility in various applications for designers and users alike.

“Meeting our clients’ high expectations is always paramount at ROE Visual, which is why we test endless possibilities when developing new products. Our team is dedicated to offering a premier LED solution, using innovative and advanced technology,” states Glory Gao, Deputy Sales Director at ROE Visual. “Opal is a versatile LED platform based on universal modules and frames. Therefore the platform provides a creative LED canvas offering more flexibility for our customers,” Gao continues, “For its outstanding qualities, we believe the Opal Platform will soon find its place in the exacting AV market.”

The Opal LED platform will see its USA launch at the NAB show while premiering for Europe at the ISE Exhibition. Don’t miss the chance to experience the one-of-a-kind features of the Opal LED series in person.


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