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ROE Visual Panels Help Commemorate 40 Years of Metallica

Chatsworth, USA (February 2022) - This past December, fans got the lucky opportunity to see the legendary heavy metal band Metallica at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA in celebration of the iconic metalheads’ 40th anniversary. The group performed as part of the ‘San Francisco Takeover’ for two special nights, delighting fans and making a splash in the AV world for the incredible production. ROE Visual LED screens were a central part of the show design.

The tour featured footage from the past 40 years of the legendary band’s history in a highly captivating stage design. From old concerts to candid interviews (and everything in between), the archival footage paid homage to the trailblazing nature of the band in the metal genre and beyond.

The stage design included 45 large LED displays hanging in an oval configuration above the main stage. Reminiscent of a collage of mementos and photographs, the overlapping screens created a unique depth not commonly seen with an oval design. Brought to the stage by the PRG Group, the ROE Visual Carbon series was utilized to bring a captivating quality to the production. The stage production amounted to 2,890 LED panels, consisting of both CB5 and CB8.

The band played 16 of their celebrated tracks each night for a sea full of their enthusiastic fans. The most buzz-worthy tune included the famous “Fixxxer” which was performed live for the first time ever. Each track was perfectly complemented by the lighting and visual design throughout the concerts.

Production designer Dan Braun is no stranger to working with Metallica’s creative team to deliver immersive installations on tour. He has clocked in over 25 years working with the band and ensuring fans’ jaws are sufficiently dropped. On this particular tour, Braun was joined by Rob Koenig as lighting designer. Together, they created a spectacular show that captured the essence of Metallica’s legacy. With Braun’s goal being to give every fan the perfect POV, the Carbon displays were instrumental in delivering the high-definition visuals of the band and their rich history.

This is not the first time ROE Visual has been featured in a Metallica stage design. In 2019, the band teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony for the famous S&M concert at the Chase Center. In partnership with PRG, Dan Braun dreamt up an intricate production concept for the show. The stage design included four breath-taking LED rings hovering above the orchestra and band below. In a unique twist, the displays were composed of Carbon CB5 panels on both the exterior and interior of each ring. While posing a complex construction, the resulting display was impressive.
📷 Ralph Lahrmann
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