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ROE is No.1 LED supplier at 2018 Geneva Motor Show

This year's International Geneva Motor Show was held from March 8-18, 2018 where the world's major automakers gathered to showcase their latest, cutting-edge models. Considered a level playing field for the world's automakers, 16 of the brands presenting at the show chose ROE LED screens to showcase cars at their respective booths. 

This wide use of ROE LED solutions secured the company's spot as the No. 1 LED screen supplier for the event.

Geneva Motor Show

Statistics demonstrate that approximately 77.6% of visitors at the Geneva Car Show want to get more information from booths the visit. This makes it critical that carmakers convey their new products and product information effectively and accurately.

To support car manufacturers during the event, ROE provided best-in-class LED screens that offered high brightness, full color, high definition, wide viewing angle and other critical visual attributes, demanded by the many car brands.

A wide range of ROE Visual LED families of products were in use at Geneva Motor Show, including the Carbon, Black Onyx and Black Pearl and families of products. Different configurations of LED products were installed to promote 16 car makers.

ROE Visual collaborated with customers including Hibino, PRG, Mediatec, AVX, Media Event, Matrix, AED and others who rely on ROE products to deliver the highest quality visual experience at the Geneva Car Show and other events.

Geneva Motor Show

The Mercedes booth created a large video wall made up of ROE CB4 panels provided outstanding color processing and uncompressed video display reflect the stylish luxury of Mercedes, attracting many visitors.

Volvo created a wall with BO2 panels and 4k processing, fully demonstrating the unique style of the new generation models. At the Renault booth, a 30-meter-wide banner was comprised of ROE BO3. Nissan built two 30° angled walls and a big video wall with ROE BO panels. Seat also featured BO3 in their booth. Subaru installed a wall as background in the stage with BP3 and BO3 panels. Lamborghini installed a large BO2 wall in their booth, avant-garde sports car and high-end LED display to provide a winning combination.

Other sports car brands, such as Porsche, McLaren, Alpina and Dacia, also chose ROE LED displays as did mainstream carmakers such as Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Citroen and Mitsubishi.

 Geneva Motor Show Brand

The Geneva Motor proved to be not only a well-attended upscale automotive event, but it doubled as a showcase for ROE Visual's many LED display offerings -- a win/win for both!

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