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Carbon CB5

Kings of Leon Take ROE Visual on Tour

Shenzhen, China (November 2021) – The Kings of Leon Tour has finally hit the road. The stage design from Paul Normandale includes moving pods fitted with ROE Visual Vanish LED panels. Upstaging Inc. and Fuse Technical Group supplied all AV equipments.

The Kings of Leon 2021-2022 “When You See Yourself” tour has finally kicked off; the tour is planned to comprise 32 shows in 10 countries. Upstage Inc. was commissioned to custom build the unique stage set, as designed by Paul Normandale. The design includes a Kinesys motion control system used for the automation of scenic pods, consisting of ROE Visual V8T LED panels.

The moving pods, fitted with the Vanish V8 transparent LED screens, create nice, layered effects in the shows’ visuals. Starting with a basic stage, the intrinsic stage design is slowly revealed as the show unfolds.

Upstage has almost all bases covered for this tour, delivering the video and lighting and automation, and trucking. Fuse provided the video backwall, consisting of ROE Carbon series CB5 in AirFrames. All LED processing was one using Brompton SX40’s and XD boxes.

“We believe that all audiences could be engaged through great stage design and vivid images brought by LED panels.” States Tony Thompson, the project manager of Upstaging Inc. “ROE Visual provides us with LED products presenting incredible real stage visualization for all, and we are delighted with the results. Having the Vanish V8T panels on the stage, the visual effects are in line with our high expectations.”

“It was exciting for ROE Visual to work together with Upstaging Inc and Fuse Technical Group, and participate in this brilliant tour. We are glad to see the success of the performance and look forward to more opportunities for collaboration in future projects.” Comments by Frank Montero, Managing Director of ROE Visual US.

Credits:                                                                                                                            PM: Joseph Lloyd                                                                                                                  LD: Paul Normandale                                                                                                      Lighting director: Hunter Frith

Product used:

Vanish V8T

Carbon series


Upstaging brings in over 40 years of experience. Increasingly the company extends its services to event productions and custom display and scenic. Upstaging offers its clients creative solutions of outstanding quality, striving for high satisfaction.

Fuse Technical Group, leading multi-media design and development technology, is an excellent solutions provider for presentations, installations, and live events. The team delivers innovative uses of hardware and software solutions in the staging industry.

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