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Creative Technology US chooses ROE Visual Products for Auto Show Tour

2019 kicked off another year of auto shows that Creative Technology, one of the leading suppliers of specialist audio visual equipment, supported throughout North America. One of the trusted pieces of equipment they’re bringing along for the auto shows is ROE Visual LED products. “CT has been using the entire ROE Visual Carbon series line because of its durability, ease-of-use for setup and tear-down, as well as it’s superior quality with color and brightness in the LED market.” Says Graham Andrews, President of Creative Technology.

CT was also showcasing many of its talents in delivering high-quality audio-visual gear and support by creating moving LED video walls using the ROE Visual CB4 panels. The live Press Events at NAIAS in Detroit this year, highlighted many of the moving LED walls that CT had created for its various partners at Imagination, a Global Brand Experience Partner and FORD.

CT doesn’t just use ROE Carbon for the NAIAS partners it works with. CT relies on ROE LED products for the majority of its live events in the corporate, exhibition, entertainment & sports industries. Blending modern technology, support and innovation with experiential agencies, CT & ROE continue to be front and center with modern LED designs and uses.

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